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Everything You Need to Know to Create Your First Webinar

Webinars have become one of the most powerful audiovisual communication tools for companies. They have many use cases and can be adapted to all your needs: get leads, train your audience, build your brand, etc. To help you get the most out of your events, here is how to do it step by step.

Before the webinar

There are some steps you have to consider before you start with the broadcast of your webinars. You must take into account the goal of your event, in which environment you want to broadcast it, who is going to participate, etc.


1. Determine the name of your event, the most appropriate day and time, and its duration.

2. Add a header image that will be used throughout the event.

3. Decide the destination where to broadcast your content. It can be with your own landing page, on social media, or both simultaneously.

    • If you decide to broadcast on the landing page, you can customize it with your own branding, defining the header image, the color of the buttons and texts, adding a description, etc.

    • If you also want to connect with social networks, you can easily create the destinations with the network selector. You can leave them ready days before if you want.


4. Configure the form to your liking, and add registration, consent and description fields.

5. Prepare the email communication and choose which emails you want to be sent automatically, the format, and the message.


6. Finally, you can activate a chat or a call-to-action.


1. Invite your speakers to Watchity’s own videoconferencing tool, the speaking room.

2. At the bottom center, you can add videos and audios from your computer or repository to be used in your broadcast.


3. Create the extra contributions you need via RTMP and get the codes to connect to external programs.

4. Manage the multimedia files that will enrich your broadcast: backgrounds, logos, overlays and clips.


5. Configure banners, add labels with the desired style to the speakers, or create your own banners to display on screen.


During the webinar

When the dat of the event arrives, you should have everything ready. Thus, you will only have to focus on the realization.

Señales y cámaras

1. Minutes before the stream, check that all video signals are arriving correctly. Enter the speaking room to interact with your speakers and make sure everything is in order.

2. Do the same with the external signals. If you see any problems, you can try refreshing the cameras with the rounded arrow on the three-dots button.

3. Make sure you have the necessary multimedia files, the opening cartouche, the background, and the banners.

4. If you want to apply labels, check the name you want to accompany your speakers in the banners section.

5. Also, choose the scene design that best suits your content. Foresee if, for instance, you have the presentation of a speaker to place it in the appropriate position.


1. Minutes before starting the content of you webinar, start the broadcast with an informative banner or a 5 or 10-minute countdown for the audience to get ready.

2. If you have the chat, send a message such as “We start in 5 minutes” to generate expectation.

3. When you want, switch the background and put the speakers and cameras on screen with the switch. Remember that you can prioritize a signal with the star button or maximize a camera if you wish.


4. Activate the labels or banners as the speakers participate.

5. Check the chat messages in the engagement section on the right hand side, answer if there are any problems and take note of the questions to answer at the end of the session.

6. Check that the connected destinations are streaming at all times. You can activate or deactivate sending from the connections section.

7. You can check the number of viewers at any time in the engagement section, and even check which specific people are connected in the list of participants.

8. When the event has finished, click on “end broadcast”. Consider that this step is irreversible.


After the webinar

Once your event has finished, download the attendees report with all the information of their sessions, the data collected with the forms, and the messages they may have left in the chat. Do it in .csv or .xlsx format.



You can also download the video recording of your event and, or even just the audio track in case you want to publish it as a podcast.

If you have any doubts, you can consult our help center, or send us a message.

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