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How to Create a Live Stream in Watchity

With Watchity you can organize and create all your events with all the foresight you need. For this reason, today we are going to explain the procedure of how to create a live stream in Watchity.

How to create a live stream

The process of creating a live event in Watchity is very simple and complete. Next, we show you the steps you must follow:

Create the event

To create a live stream, you must access the home page, where you can start creating it by clicking on the “Create Event” button.

watchity live stream

Configure the details

Once inside, the first essential step is to define the name of your event, the day and start time, and its duration. It is also important to define the header image, since it will be visible in multiple spaces around the platform and will allow you to apply your brand image to the entire environment.

Decide the destinations and customize the interaction elements

Once you have established the main details of your event, you will only have to decide where you want to broadcast the content and customize the elements of engagement and interaction with the audience, if you want to do so. Then, you will have your event ready and you can start broadcasting.

Consult past and future events

Following these same steps, you will be able to create as many live events as you want (taking into account the total number of hours you have contracted), and even produce and manage simultaneous sessions. Keep in mind that you will be able to consult the forecast of future events, in list or calendar format, and the history of past events from the home page, and know at all times how many people are registered.



If you have any doubts, you can consult our help center or send us a message.

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