How to set up the best landing page for your event

How to Set Up the Best Landing Page for Your Event

According to marketing, a landing page is a web page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. At Watchity, we have used this premise to develop our own landing editor for your corporate events. For that reason, today we are going to show you how to set up the best landing page for your event.


With our platform you will be able to define all the characteristics of this type of pages and you can include images, descriptions, forms, etc., to always transmit an image aligned with your corporate branding.

How to set up a landing page

Here are the main steps to set up the best landing page for your event:

  1. Set up a header image that will be visible in the page at all times and take the opportunity to put valuable information, your corporate colors and even sponsor logos, for example.
  2. If you don’t want an image, you can always define a color using the code (#hex 6 values).
  3. Later, define the colors of the remaining elements: the color of the text, the color of the bottom button, and the color of its text .
  4. You can also define the content you want to display in your landing page. You can show or hide the fields for the event title, the countdown to the start of the event, and the event description. The first two can be included in the header image but we would recommend, in this case, to hide them.
  5. Last, in case you want an event description, you can apply different translations to that text depending on the language in which the browser is configured for each viewer. Fill in each of the defined tabs to show the multiple languages. In case one of them is not defined, the order of alternatives is indicated in this link.


How to set up a registration form


Once you have defined the design of your landing page, you will be able to configure a registration form to collect all the necessary information from your audience by checking the “enabled” checkbox.

registration forms

Registration fields


Likewise, you will find the “full name” and “email” fields by default, but you can add as many registration fields as you want. We offer the most common ones, but you can create your own fields.


Consent fields

You can creare consent fields as well. These will allow you to make sure that your audience accepts the privacy policy of your company and that all the LOPD rights are respected. You can also use them, for instance, to ask the viewers if they want to receive commercial communication.


Description fields

Last but not least, there are description fields. These are used to display any text or information to your viewers without interaction. For example, the description of the event, the speakers or to indicate the event schedule. Again, you have the possibility of translations into different languages.


Share the access to the landing page

Once you have finished creating the form, you are ready to share the access to your landing page. You can do it through a URL provided by Watchity, or you can embed it in your own web page with the iframe that you will also find in the event configuration section.


Finally, this same link will redirect your viewers to the event room, where they will be able to watch the content of your broadcast the day of the event, and will be able to experiment the rest of the features that Watchity offers, such as the chat or the call-to-actions.

If you have any doubts, you can consult our help center or send us a message.

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