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Video engagement for B2B marketing

Increase the demand and accelerate the sales cycle of your products with video-based campaigns and strategies.

Find out why B2B marketing is better with Watchity’s video engagement platform

Unlike other video tools, Watchity’s professional productions, brand customization, multichannel streaming and audience participation features will allow you to create better content and events to reinforce your marketing strategies.

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Brand notoriety

Build a powerful brand image and create content that positions you as a referent.

Generate more demand

Attract your customers through professional content and capture their data.

Reach your audience

Get your content to reach many more people in the most appropriate channels.

Examples of events you can create with Watchity for B2B marketing

With Watchity’s versatility, you will be able to create a continuous schedule of live events for your B2B marketing in the most appropriate formats for your goals and audiences.

Watchity’s key features for B2B marketing

Watchity offers you all the features and characteristics you need to integrate professional video into the day-to-day of your marketing department.

Schedule your events with a unified control interface from which you can add all the necessary information in a fully customizable landing page.

Easily activate and customize a registration form so you always have control over who has registered for the session.

Enable automated email sequences to remind registrants of the day and time of the session so they don’t forget.

Easily produce webinars, interviews, press conferences and many other types of live content with a professional look and feel. Easily add one or various speakers using the guest room. Share presentations or share the screen for speakers to display any application or content. Dynamically generate scenes.

You can also connect your production software via RTMP if you already have the production solved.

Customize the content by adding graphic elements according to your brand (backgrounds, logos, banners, etc.).

Integrate broadcast on your website through Watchity’s player embed code and offer your audience a viewing experience like that of the major streaming platforms.

Thanks to integrated CDN service, Watchity takes care of scalability for large volumes of viewers, compatibility with multiple devices and access from other countries.

Know in real time which employees have connected to the session and are attending at any given moment, and how the level of attendance evolves during the session, so that you can moderate its pace.

Energize the sessions by providing attendees with participation tools: Q&As, interactive chat with advanced moderation options, polls, and CTAs.

Broadcast your content for external audiences simultaneously on all your social media accounts and with one click through the Multistream feature.

Connect Twitter, Facebook, Instagra, LinkedIn or Youtube with Watchity’s native integrations. Broadcast on Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and many other destinations via RTMP.

Watchity automatically records your productions so you can immediately reuse all the content generated and give a second life to your webinars and events.

Quickly create frame-accurate clips from live events with the clipping tool and generate mp4 video clips, without having waiting for the event to end. Or retrieve the recording after the event is over to generate clips at that time.

Share them on all your social media accounts with a click to generate notoriety or publish them on your website with the embed code.

Manage all types of media content such as videos, podcasts or images with the video CMS. Upload files, convert formats, add metadata and sort them into collections.

Centralize all content and resources used by your team members so that everyone knows where to look for them and how to use them in their productions.

With the video analytics tools you will obtain detailed information about the audience’s behavior during your events.

Find out information such as the evolution of number of viewers during each session, countries of origin and devices used. Find out how on-demand videos are consumed.

Use cases of video engagement for B2B marketing

Thanks to Watchity’s wide range of features and its easy of use, video will become a strategic pillar of your marketing actions.

Thought leadership

Create webinars, interviews, events and more to become such an industry leader.

  • Webinars
  • Q&A sessions
  • Brand events
  • Interviews

Content marketing

Create and distribute valuable video content to attract and retain your audience.

  • Case studies
  • Podcasts and interviews
  • Training content

Product marketing

Generate video content to make known, promote and position your products.

  • Product demos
  • Product launches
  • Showrooms

Influencer marketing

Bring visibility to your brand thanks to video content generated by influencers.

  • Professional social media
  • Branded content
  • Experts and analysts

Case study

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Banco Sabadell Hub Empresa

Find out how Hub Empresa organizes high-quality weekly webinars with Watchity.

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