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Live video is a very powerful format to easily connect with your audience.

Nowadays, online users prefer watching a video to reading an article, and they find the video even more interesting if it is “live”. The reason for this change in user behavior is the closeness and spontaneity live videos offer.

Videos can even increase conversion rates on websites and communication channels. For example, by simply including the word “video” in an email subject line, click rates can increase by 65% and newsletter unsubscribes can be reduced by 26%.

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Today, we are going to show you 5 examples of brands that are successfully creating live videos for their digital channels:

Red Bull: the king of events

It’s amazing how a brand of energy drink has managed to enter in the minds of its consumers, based on its live broadcasting events.

Sports competitions such as mountain biking, windsurfing, skateboarding, parkour, climbing or skydiving can be seen by thousands of people around the world, thanks to Red Bull’s coverage.

Another success story is the retransmission of the “Batallas de gallos” in several Spanish-speaking countries. This freestyle rap competition has considerably increased its popularity thanks to the brand.

Dunkin’ Donuts: how are they made?

The excuse of not having resources to organize and live stream events doesn’t fly anymore.

Proof of that is the “Behind the scenes” of working at Dunkin’ Donuts, in which they show how their donuts are made, in live streaming. With this kind of content, the company shows the consumers they have nothing to hide.

Sanitas: Live streaming health tips

Have you ever heard the phrase “information is power”?

Each brand is a specialist in its field and can take advantage of this knowledge to create content for their social networks.

Sanitas is a clear example of how to get the most out of this information to connect with your followers.

Periodically, they choose a topic to talk about and a health expert gives a workshop that can be attended in person or through the visualization of the live streaming shared on their digital channels. In addition, thanks to the comments section offered by social networks, those who are present and the people who watch the broadcast, can interact with the professionals conducting the workshop, ask questions and share opinions.

Chevrolet: Live presentations

Bringing together people from the sector and the press to launch new products or to make an announcement, is common among brands.

Apple does it every time it launches a new iPhone, football teams do it when they present a player or car manufacturers like Chevrolet when they release a new model.

In this case, Chevrolet presented its Bolt EV electric car on Facebook Live and the followers shared their opinions in the chat.

Buzzfeed: Making history with a watermelon

And we couldn’t finish this list without mentioning Buzzfeed. Although unlike the previous brands, Buzzfeed is a company specialized in communication as well. Its main objective is to have as many visits on their website as possible, instead of selling something.

What makes Buzzfeed so special is that it has the record of visits on Facebook Live. Most amazing are the subjects they choose to create the videos, like ‘how many elastic rubber bands are needed to explode a watermelon?’

Up to 807,000 people were watching live, to find out if that watermelon was going to end up exploding or not, many of them without previously knowing what Buzzfeed was, and in the following days they reached 11 million deferred visits.

Can you imagine doing something similar with your brand? You only need a good idea and a platform that allows you to share live stories. Take advantage of the growing trend of live videos and incorporate them into your marketing strategy.




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