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Broadcasting on Instagram Live from Watchity, easier than ever!

Now, broadcasting on Instagram Live from Watchity is easier than ever, thanks to Instagram unlocking the option of multiple streaming for all users, without the need for third-party applications.

Using this new functionality, you’ll be able to broadcast content on live streaming directly from Watchity’s Live Studio without using applications like Instafeed or Yellow Duck to generate the RTMP and stream key.

These two parameters can now be generated within Instagram and subsequently added to the connection within Watchity. The requirement to access this new feature is that the user must have their Instagram account configured as a professional account.

How to broadcast on Instagram Live from Watchity?

1- First, you need to access Instagram and ensure that your account is set up as “professional.”

2- Next, in the menu on the left, select the “create” option and then from the dropdown, choose “go live.”

3- Add a title to the broadcast and choose between “public and private,” depending on whether you want the broadcast to be open to everyone or limited to your followers.


4- Instagram will generate the “stream URL” and the “stream key.”

Now is the moment when you should copy and paste the “Stream Key” and the RTMP “Stream URL” provided by Instagram into the corresponding fields within the Watchity Instagram connection. To do this, once you’ve logged in to Watchity and selected the “Instagram Live” destination, you’ll add these keys in the “RTMP Link” and “Stream Key” fields.

This key will expire at the end of the live broadcast, so each time you start a new broadcast, you’ll need a new key.

5- Next, simply “connect,” and when you’re ready to start the broadcast from the Live Studio, activate the broadcast using the “start broadcast” button. You can then see how the image you’re transmitting on Instagram is displayed on the Watchity platform and the panel from which you can control this and other connections in Multistream, as well as use other functionalities like generating real-time clips from the broadcast to share on other social networks or for later posts, etc.

Unlike most streaming platforms, Watchity allows you to broadcast live video simultaneously on social networks and various Instagram channels.

Watchity offers two options to adjust the widescreen format to Instagram’s vertical format: rotating the screen 90º or reducing the size to maintain it in widescreen and adding a background above and below.

From Instagram, you can view the streaming signal on the left side of the screen (in this case, the 90º rotation is being used), and on the right side, you’ll see the option to write comments and view what other viewers are commenting.

By selecting the “Go Live” option within this screen, you can finally broadcast on your account.

6- Whenever you’re ready t0 finish the event, you can click the “End event” button.

Regarding technical requirements, you don’t need to worry about anything, as Watchity takes care of adapting the streaming signal parameters to Instagram.

And that is our post to assist you broadcasting on Instagram Live through Watchity. Remember, you can request a “free trial” to try the platform for 15 days or schedule a demo with one of our experts.

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