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How to Record the Perfect Live Video Streaming with your phone

Live Video is one of the most utilized formats in digital marketing strategies, because it is the most effective way to build and grow a company’s online presence. This type of content is really easy to create and you don’t need to invest a lot to obtain good quality content.  

capture live streaming video

However, if you are planning to to record live video with your phone, there are some key factors and tools that you should keep in mind, to make sure you will record the perfect live video:

1 · Tripod

Tripods are a budget-friendly really useful way to stabilize the recording image. Choose the tripod that best suits your needs, depending on the location and duration of the event that you want to record.

2 · Unexpected calls

You don’t want your recording to be interrupted by an unexpected call. We recommend to put your smartphone in “Do not disturb” mode. This way, you can focus your device on the creation of the audiovisual material.

3 · Live Video Production Services:

To maximize the quality of your live video, you can hire an external video production service. This kind of platform simplifies the creation of broadcasts and allows you to edit, personalize and distribute your content.

4 · External battery

One of the biggest weaknesses of mobile phones is battery life. To avoid running out of battery in the middle of the retransmission, we recommend bringing an external battery.

Benefits of recording your own live stream

Including the creation of live videos in your marketing strategy can bring many benefits for your company. This technology can positively impact your web conversions, boost your online presence and increase the interaction with your audience. Other benefits of this format are:

1. Immediate feedback

Thanks to the digital channels, where we can share live video, we can get immediate feedback from our audience through their comments. This way, you can learn about what truly matters to your audience, as well as interact with them during the live streaming.

2. Increase your reach

With live videos, you can reach people from all over the world. This technology allows you to take your events to the next level, make your content international and save money in the process.

3. More human

One of the best benefits of doing live video is that it allows you to show the human side of your company. During live streaming, you can make jokes, show your company’s premises or introduce your employees, so your audience will see that you are more than just a company.

4. Save money

As mentioned before, there is no need to make big investments to get good quality retransmission. With simple tools and a good live streaming platform, you can create amazing content for your website and social media channels.

Live video services with easily scalable production

Streaming SaaS services are perfect to simplify and reduce costs in the production of live video. These platforms are automatically updated and tend to be user-friendly, so you won’t need to hire expert staff to manage it.

At the moment of choosing the right platform for you, it’s important to have your needs clear. Ask yourself: what kind of retransmission do I want to create? Do I want to monetize the content? How much do I want to edit the videos? On how many social channels do I want to share the live streaming? Start with these questions and define your priorities.

Take your production to the next level

To take your retransmissions to the next level, there’s Watchity, the new cloud-based live video production platform. This service simplifies the creation, production, and distribution of live video, reducing costs and helping to increase the productivity of any company.

With Watchity you can maximize the potential of your audio-visual content, allowing you to:

Customize the retransmission with your logo or banners:

Through a mixer, the platform allows you to insert or remove logos, banners, and video ads during a live broadcast.

capture live streaming video

In this image, you can see the “media library” on the left, where you can upload as many images and videos as you like, and then select the one you want to insert during the retransmission.

Capture live video from different mobiles and cameras:

Watchity allows you to capture different angles during the broadcast. The contributors only need 4G or Wi-Fi connection, for their phones or professional cameras; videos will be synched and received in a multi-camera player.

Multichannel distribution:

Simultaneous distribution for the web and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube; these can also be managed independently.

Switch the cameras:

The moderator of the broadcast will receive the video streams captured in a multi-camera player that allows the moderator to mute a camera or switch between cameras, so as to, offer an enriched viewing experience.




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