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Operación Triunfo, aka OT, a singing contest show, successfully returned to Spanish tv in 2017, after a 6-year hiatus. Making a change after previous editions, RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television) decided to offer its audience a different format of the show, by merging the tv broadcast with the online environment, increasing the audience engagement as never before.

First, RTVE live-streamed on Youtube the day-to-day routine of the participants, from when they got up in the morning until they went to bed, allowing fans to watch their favorite contestants at any time.

In addition, RTVE offered extra live content through its social networks, such as the MerendOT, which brought together expelled contestants to comment on what had happened on the show during the week and during the live show.


MerendOT was produced, edited and distributed with Watchity. Below we will explain how our platform lets you create professional live video with just a mobile phone.

The importance of online presence for Operación Triunfo

According to Kantar Media research, 22% of Operación Triunfo’s ratings came from digital platforms. This percentage grew to 50% in young people between 18 and 24 years old, i.e. the ones who spend most time on the Internet and social media.

As the public has more options to watch the show, engagement grew and with it, the tv ratings, since it was the most watched show every Wednesday.

How did Watchity improve the MerendOT viewing experience?

This MerendOT edition was recorded, produced and distributed live on social media with Watchity.

Watchity made it possible to introduce in the live streaming the show’s logo, as well as a countdown to the start of the episode. Also, throughout the streaming, it was possible to insert pre-recorded videos and graphics.

On the other hand, by sharing the live streaming on social media like Facebook, interactions between all viewers were encouraged, and they shared their thoughts on the chat, thus creating one big OT community.

Live video is not just for entertainment shows. It is also a very interesting format for mobile journalists or brands that want to report news, increase their online presence or sales.

Request a demo, with no commitment, to discover how Watchity can help you take your live streaming to the next level.




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