How to choose good speakers for virtual events
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How to Choose Good Speakers for Virtual Events

Virtual and hybrid events, even with more reasons than the traditional/presential ones, require a previous preparation and consideration of several factors. The fact that the attendees have not moved to a specific place for this purpose and that they can follow it from home or any place, makes easier to leave the session in the face of the slightest error or mismatch. Choosing good speakers for virtual events is among the most decisive factors.

As we explained in other articles, it is necessary to have very clear the goal of the event, the needs of our target audience, the content we will share, the marketing strategy, the promotion, the streaming platform to broadcast it, etc., to comply with the expectations established previously. But if we do not choose good speakers for virtual events, considering these other factors will be of little use.

What do we have to value to choose good ponents?

For the choice to be as accurate as possible, we must assure that the speakers comply with the following requirements:

– They are experienced and have wide knowledge about the issue they are going to talk about in the event. They must be experts in the subject, to exceed the expectations of the audience and solve doubts.

– Power of communication and charisma to attract the interest and attention of the attendees. They show a professional image, but at the same time have an informal and fun side that catches the audience. The ideal is to find the balance.

– Commitment and seriousness to conduct their task as agreed in the procurement.

– We can obtain positive references of their interventions in other events.

– They are involved in the events in which they participate providing content with additional value that they share orally. This implication also is reflected interacting with the audience since it enhances communication and a favorable environment.

– Having some prestige or recognition in social media can be a great help. It is not essential, but it is a plus to promote the event and amplify the impact when it is celebrated.

– They adjust to the budget we can afford. The prices of speakers can be several, we should find a balance between the mentioned characteristics and the prices. This means, the ideal is that they comply with the mentioned requirements and have a cost that suits us.

Some tips to consider

Following the last-mentioned point, there are professional speakers or talkers that have their own websites to sell their service and facilitate the recruitment without intermediaries. If you can afford it, other option is to contract an extern agency that manages this issue and even part of the organization of the event. If you choose the second option, you will save dedication time and will be able to focus on other tasks related to the event.

Speakers should dominate the tool or platform that is used to manage the event. A platform like Watchity allows to emit the event on streaming and manage several functionalities in a professional and simple way. For instance, the feature of Q&As is essential in these events and indispensable that they know how to use it.

Speakers should also prepare questions or topics they want to deal with to promote the participation of the audience and think of when to launch them. It is important to control the time dedicated to interacting with the audience and distribute it optimally. The viewers of virtual events, generally, want to have an active paper, but be careful! If the audience perceives that participates with much frequency, it can be counterproductive and burdensome.

Basic checklist of good practices for speakers

Although many speakers or talkers already consider these practices so that all goes fluently, it is important to remind them to show them the image you want to transmit:

– Follow the order of participation establish and that the intervention follow the agreed time, so that the presentations are equitable.

– Show an image, position and attitude that reflect professionality.

– If the presentation is performed in a personal room, the background image must be tended to project an image as professional as possible.

– If information is shared with the audience, the desktop screen must be tended, because showing determinate folders or documents/archives can result negative.

– Knowing the app or managing platform of the event, to be able to implement required features during the time of intervention.

– Ensuring that the lighting and sound of the place where they will be talking is adequate to convey a professional image.

And so far, our tips to choose good speakers for virtual events. We hope you found it interesting and useful to organize that event you have in mind for a long time or to improve your next event.

Are you fully conscious of the relevance of the election of good speakers for virtual events?

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