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Sometimes mobile journalists need extra accessories to make a good recording with their mobile phones.

Experts recommend having complementary tools, such as a tripod, a selfie stick, an LED spotlight or a microphone – tools that are easy to transport and that increase the quality of the photos or videos that the journalist wants to capture.

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Today we are going to explain to you how to choose the best microphones for mobile journalism.

The importance of the microphone in Mobile Journalism

The main problem with smartphones is that their internal microphones capture annoying noises from the environment, but using an external microphone will allow you to filter and focus on your voice or the context.

What microphones are ideal for mobile journalists?

Depending on the situation that you want to cover, you should choose a different microphone:

Tie microphones:

If you have to move while you are recording or if you need to cover a story on the street, a tie microphone can be really helpful. You have the microphone close to you, so it frees up your hands, in the case you need to hold notes or make gestures.

Microphones for interviews:

To record your voice and the voice of the person you are interviewing, a handheld microphone like the one you see on tv, is ideal.

Action microphones:

If you want to record with your smartphone a situation or scenario, instead of giving prominence to the journalist or the source, the previous microphones are not for you.

Instead, we recommend using an action microphone. This type can be adapted and attached directly and wirelessly to your phone. This way, all attention can be focused on capturing what is happening.

How to cover audio and video from multiple points of view

To offer the most complete coverage of the news, you may need more than one camera and each one with its own microphone.

With Watchity, you can give your audience all the perspectives on the news, by capturing the video with several smartphones, integrating pre-recorded videos, using infographics and taking advantage of many other features that allow you to create a professional production.

Request a demo, with no commitment, to discover how Watchity can make your job as a mobile journalist easier.




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