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How to customize your webinars with your brand

Webinars have become one of the most implemented formats in many companies and businesses since the pandemic. With the change of paradigm, their presence increased considerably, becoming an integral part of the communication strategies of the company. In this article, we are going to explain how to customize your webinars with your brand, because if you want to stand out among your competitors, you should not settle for the basics. It should be a priority to offer content that conveys professionalism, quality, and the essence of your brand.

Have you ever considered customizing your webinars with your brand to improve the image you convey? We strongly believe that it is part of the success of a webinar! Perhaps, a priori, it may seem to you an accessory or irrelevant factor, but the truth is that the customization significantly improves the overall webinar image and brings that plus of professionality that the audience perceives and appreciates.

Customize your webinars with your brand

Choose a great live video platform

The main key to achieving this purpose is to choose a great live video platform. Thus, you must make sure that the platform includes the needed features for you to customize your webinars. This way, you will be able to deliver professional-looking content that will make it easier for your brand to stand out. Some platforms include features to promote interaction and to add CTAs, which drive conversions. If it also allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of the event, from marketing actions to data analysis, you will have found a complete and competitive management tool.

To customize your webinars with your brand successfully, the platform must allow you to include graphics, your logo and customize the appearance of the different components (interactive chat, surveys, animations, etc.) with the corporate designs and colors. The goal is that your webinars are not just like any basic videoconference meeting or virtual event. There are platforms in the market that allow you to unify the management of the event with the aforementioned features, obtaining a professional result, without having to invest a lot of money in quality audiovisual production.

If webinars play a prominent role in your communication plan, take advantage of their potential to make your brand stand out. Create competent content that looks TV-like and, at the same time, conveys the essence or identity of your brand without a lot of effort.

Some platforms, apart from allowing you to select a background and add a logo, incorporate automated technology to dynamically compose the layout that best suits the content, giving it a professional look. If instead of opting for automated production you want to be in control at any time or throughout the event, the platform should provide you with this mode. This way, you could decide who appears on screen at any moment, change the scene through a layout control, activate guest labels, and add graphic overlays, among other options.

Ideally, the live video platform should make it easy for you to manage your brand to shine without the need to be a graphic designer or have technical knowledge. You should take advantage of every point of interaction with the user to show your brand identity in your webinars by uploading your own elements, images, and videos, and customized captions and banners with your corporate design.

Customize the communications before and after the event

And customizing webinars does not only include the image part during the live event, but you should also customize all the communications before and after the event. We are referring, for instance, to the landing page you launch to attract the audience, registration forms, and automated emails. Automated emails will be sent beforehand to confirm registration, to remind people of the event, and, once the event is over, to share valuable content, launch a feedback survey, and thank them for attending.

There are still many live video platforms that, while you are streaming content, display their logo instead of yours. Make sure that the platform you choose allows you to give your brand prominence throughout the audience experience.

As webinars are part of the content marketing strategy, your corporate identity must be present in all communications that revolve around them. The fact of customizing your webinars with your brand, apart from doing it because you are offering valuable content to your target audience and because it is a good channel, you should do it to work on branding. Do not miss opportunities to express and/or promote your brand identity.

Make content that reflects the essence of your brand

Finally, you must remember that webinars are a source of conversions, as they position you as an opinion leader or expert on a topic. If the content you share reflects the essence of your brand and professional quality, you will convey confidence to your viewers, will more easily increase their interest in your product/service, and will result in higher conversions.

Although here we have focused on how to customize your webinars with your brand, you can read another article in which we explain , focusing on the recording equipment, audio, lighting, and live video platform.

It is clear that the video platform always appears among the fundamental elements when we talk about managing virtual and hybrid events, as it is the key to determining, to a large extent, the quality of the content that is produced and broadcasted.

If you want to discover how to create a webinar from the beginning, you can also download our “Watchity’s Ultimate Guide to Planning and Creating a Great Webinar”.

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