How to improve the viewer experience in your webinars

How to Improve the Experience of the Viewers in your Webinars

Recently, we have talked about the great boom that the webinars have experimented since the situation due to the pandemic. And we have also confirmed that this format is going to be present for a long time, whether the situation improves or not. In this post, we will focus on how to improve the experience of the viewers in your webinars. Because it would be of little use to plan very well the contents, the management of registrations and the promotional actions if we do not dedicate a good part of the effort to the viewers have an excellent experience.

Improving the viewing experience in your webinars is a priority because the success of your events will depend on it. If you reach the audience by promoting their interest, generating interaction, solving their needs, and also providing an impeccable experience, you got it made.

But you would still be thinking, how can I improve the experience of the viewers in my webinars?

We consider it essential to take into account the following points to achieve this goal:

Simplify the process/strong>

This part seems obvious but on many occasions you meet with complicated or unintuitive access processes which cause an initial rejection. If the viewer has a bad experience with the access, it is a bad start. Facilitate them the task, the more agile and intuitive is the process, the more positive will be their first perception. Some production and broadcasting platforms of virtual events provide a unique and customizable URL so that the viewers can access through any browser, without having the need to download nor install anything, resulting in much more practical and comfortable.

Customize the viewing experience

If we enable a customized viewing experience, we would be adapting the content to their needs, offering an experience similar to that of a high-quality video streaming platform. This way, the viewers will be able to play and pause the transmission at any time, arrive some minutes later but watch it from the start, and go back to watch a repetition.

These options cannot be conducted with a videoconference system or platform, but it is possible with some live video platforms. So, it will be important to previously analyze the features that the platform you choose to produce and broadcast you webinars can offer you. And yes, apart from being able to personalize the viewers experience, it allows you to customize the content you share and offer a professional image, much better. Because this will determine, greatly, the quality that the audience will perceive and the success of the transmission.

Solve questions of the audience

This point is so important to give the audience answers to their doubts or concerns and to promote participation and interaction. Launching (Q&A) sessions during several moments of the event is a great option to achieve these mentioned goals. The ideal tool or feature to implement this action is the interactive chat. All the attendees expect to have it available in a session of these characteristics since it allows them to easily and instantaneously communicate at times designated for that purpose during the event. If the video platform you use allows it, you should be able to moderate the conversation and send messages to all the attendees simultaneously.

Dynamize the webinars to generate actions

With this point, we refer to that you should stand out promotions and show CTAs (calls-to-action) to trigger actions and reactions in your audience. In this way, you would facilitate the task of achieving your goal, which is generating positive results for your company. Do not forget that great part of the viewers of your webinars are qualified leads, and therefore you have the opportunity to get closer to them and bring them value.

We recommend ending your virtual events and webinars with a clear CTA which shows a unique and persuasive message to encourage viewers to carry out an action, whether it is filling out a survey or rating, downloading an eBook, subscribing to the newsletter, etc. These are actions which do not imply an immediate economic return, but they facilitate the way to achieve it probably at another time. You are generating interest around your event or the content you offer and this will strengthen the bond with your audience and it will promote you to obtain results in the future.

Ensure the security of data

This topic is a generalized worry when managing online events. We must ensure that the personal data of our audience is safe. Broadcasting webinars in a protected way is a subdomain of our web domain that avoids incidences that may emerge in this sense. So, providing a custom, trusted URL, and that access is protected, will help ensure the security.

Part of the cyber attacks take place in connection networks. If our network connection is hacked because it is unprotected, they can access the connected devices and their sessions, so you must ensure that your network connection is protected to avoid this type of cyber attacks. We will warn or remind users to avoid using public connection networks and that it is important that they have a firewall and an antivirus on their devices.

Some live video platforms allow you to embed the reproduction of the event on other websites and channels, without impacting security and providing the same positive experience to the audience. In addition, they also put at your disposal you with functionalities designed to monitor virtual events, controlling the devices and the connection network during the broadcast of the event. It is a matter of choosing the video and event management platform well so, apart from meeting the needed technical requirements, we must ensure that it has a robust security system in place and that it carries out the relevant system checks before the realization of the event.

Improve webinars based on data

The fact of obtaining data of the events and being able to analyze the behaviors that have arisen and the actions we have implemented will allow us to improve the performance of the next events. Identifying the success causes and details to improve will be key to refining the strategy much more and, thus, offering to the audience content and an itinerary much more customized and focused on their needs.

Some live video platforms allow you to follow this data in real-time, for what it is possible, in case of need, to correct some details or actions while the event takes place.

Thanks to the information obtained from the various stages of the webinar management, we will be able to considerably improve the way of planning, producing, promoting and managing events of this type.

And so far, our recommendations on how to improve the experience of the viewers in your webinars.

All the mentioned features can be easily and professionally performed with Watchity. So, if you want to discover in more detail its functioning, do not hesitate to send us a message or request a demo.

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