How Watchity can help an Institutional Communication Department
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How Watchity can help an Institutional Communication Department

Watchity can help an institutional communication department take advantage of its social networks and improve the sharing of content with the media. And what’s best, doing all this in an easy way and optimizing time and money.

Our platform allows streaming press conferences, statements and plenaries effortlessly to increase transparency and awareness. Moreover, it allows the customization of the live videos with the institutional image and reaches all the respective audiences in multiple destinations.

Solutions driven by Watchity

After some meetings with a concrete government or institution to gauge its needs, Watchity’s team subsequently defines the best approach for the deployment of our platform. For instance, the Government of Catalonia uses the following Watchity’s solutions:

  • The Event Manager, to schedule and promote live events and coordination across departments.
  • The Live Producer, to easily create high-quality live video on their own, capturing live feed from an Extron live video encoder (which sources the live signal from the cameras installed in the press room) or from a Wirecast mixer, adding graphic overlays with the Government logo and lower-thirds.
  • The Streaming Manager, to stream the live feed produced on the corporate website (sending an RTMP feed towards an end point provided by the corporate Online Video Platform) and simulcast it on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • The Fast Clipper, which simplifies the process of recording live output and the generation and sharing of short clips for Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Virtual Press Room, where accredited media can obtain the live streams and clips shared with them and access the integration and download options.

Benefits of using Watchity in an institutional communication department

  • Manage events with greater frequency and organise press conferences in a matter of minutes, providing a fast response to any information item that needs to be reported immediately.
  • The communication teams of the different departments improve the way they coordinate the events agenda, reducing the situations in which several events overlap.
  • The time between events and the publication of the clips on the social media is cut to a matter of seconds, delivering a swift response to citizens’ needs for real-time information.
  • Increase the number of people reached, adding the website’s live viewers, social media live viewers and post-live (or ondemand) viewers in both destinations.
  • The people managing the requests from the press reduce the time dedicated to content creation. Sharing and all the information is centralized in a single and secure place.

If you’re interested in how Watchity can help your communication department, send us a message, book a demo or request a free trial of Watchity.

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