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MediaMarkt bets on the Watchity platform for its webinars

The MediaMarkt company is one of the companies that bet on the Watchity platform for their webinars and to improve their corporate communication and brand image. The online product training offered by its Customer Experience department have special relevance, as they provide information and details of interest to the audience, interacting in a very close way and transmitting the confidence they need.

During the three first months of 2022, they have already conducted more than 430 webinars, and expect to maintain and even increase this number due to the feedback and results they are getting.

Watchity has a wide range of features that allow you to customize webinar content, manage virtual events from start to finish and deliver a professional quality image. These are some of the reasons why MediaMarkt and other companies choose this platform.

Webinars are a resource with great potential to offer customers and potential customers a plus of information, attention and dedication. The audience can discover the features and technical and practical characteristics of the products/services, as well as consult any type of doubt that may arise during these virtual events.

On many occasions, the webinars offered by MediaMarkt are focused on giving advice on how to use a certain product/service correctly and how to get the most out of it. Some examples that you can find are: how to get started in photography with a particular camera or device, how to properly maintain a coffee maker, tips and tricks to handle different versions of Windows, how to create a safe environment for your children on the Internet, how to get started with a Mac, etc. Usually, they have announced the next webinars, indicating the schedules, the topic and the trainer, with a link or call to action so you can register by filling out a simple form. They also have a selection of the most viewed or successful webinars, for you to watch the videos.

And finally, to share the fact that MediaMarkt uses the Watchity platform for their webinars and that they are delighted with the results, is for us a great satisfaction and motivation to continue improving our platform and service every day.

If you are interested in learning in detail how to offer to your audience quality webinars and virtual events, send us a messagerequest a demo or try it for free.

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