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The Mobile Journalism Congress, also known as MojoFest, is an event organized each year by the Public Broadcasting Corporation of the Republic of Ireland (RTÉ).

The fifth edition of the MojoFest will be held from the 6th to the 8th of June 2019 in Galway, Ireland.Mojo Fest

Although the program of the event is still unknown, today we are going to explain why you should attend this event for mobile content creators.

What will you discover at the MojoFest?

The Mobile Journalism Congress is not exclusively about how mobile journalists produce content for the media. It goes much further.

Accessories and app presentations

The brands that dedicate themselves to create products and apps for mobile journalists get more numerous year after year and at MojoFest they have the best place to present those products to their target audience.

It is also a good opportunity for journalists to learn about the use of new technologies and how to implement new ideas, such as using drones or apps for easy content creation.

The experience of the speakers

In addition to brands and application presentations, MojoFest brings together dozens of speakers whose work is telling stories through mobile phones, like news, reports or even short films.

All of them are experts in their areas, so learning about their experiences, opinions, and advice is the best way to continue growing in mobile journalism.

MojoFest: more than just a congress

For the third consecutive year, the venue will be Galway. The choice of Galway is not random, according to Glen B. Mulcahy, founder and managing director of the congress. It is a university city that allows networking, even when the day’s activities are done. In addition, since it is a small city with a lot of nice places to go, it is impossible not to meet attendees and event speakers in pubs and restaurants, where the exchange of impressions goes on with a nice Guinness nearby.

As if that weren’t enough, networking starts before the opening of the event, in the Mojo Train, which connects Dublin with Galway and which always prepares some surprises for its passengers.




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