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If you are interested in keeping up with the latest news of the Mobile Journalism sector, you should start by following on Twitter the world’s most active and influential mobile journalists.

Mobile Journalist MOJO

On Twitter, they share their work, tips, and advice to capture news with mobile phones. Take a look at this list of 10 mobile journalists that you have to follow:

The best profiles of mobile journalists in Spain

Ana López / Twitter: @anadigame

She has been working as mobile journalist for more than 15 years. Currently, she gives courses and provides internal training on the creation of content with mobile devices.

Pipo Serrano / Twitter: @piposerrano

This journalist brought MOJO to the program “8 al dia” on 8TV, changing the way of working of more than 50 professionals. Nowadays, he is working in the Cadena SER and teaches digital journalism at several universities.

Leonor Suárez / Twitter: @leonorsuarezro

Winner of the Miniature Film Festival 2017, which chooses the best short film made with mobile devices. She is specialized in MOJO documentaries and gives conferences talks related to this field in several universities and organizations.

Álvaro Andoin / Twitter: @filmatu.

Mobile video instructor. Creator of content for events, companies, and professionals who want to promote their business or personal brand.

Elena Martín / Twitter: @elenamartinmo

Journalist and multimedia producer, winner of the 2017 ASVAI Award for her journalistic work, and President of the Salamanca Association of Journalists.

The best profiles of mobile journalists in the world

Ivo Burum / Twitter: @citizenmojo

MOJO consultant in Australia, columnist, and MOJO trainer. Author of: “The Mobile Journalism Handbook: How to Make Broadcast Videos with an iPhone or iPad”.

Corinne Podger / Twitter: @corinne_podger

Lecturer of Mobile and Digital Journalism at the University of Melbourne. Consultant for media companies such as the BBC and KAS Media.

Yusuf Omar / Twitter: @yusufomarsa

Creator of mobile content. He collaborates with CNN, The Hindustan Times and the NCA.

Christian Espinosa / Twitter: @coberturamovil

Journalist and professor of mobile journalism in Latin America and Director of Digital Coverage. He also offers training on how to make the most of digitalization.

Philip Bromwell / Twitter: @philipbromwell

He has produced dozens of reports with his iPhone. He works for RTÉ(Ireland’s National Television and Radio Broadcaster), as a mobile journalist and also offers training on MOJO and storytelling.




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