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The constant growth of Mobile Journalism (MOJO) has generated over the years a big community of journalists who are actively participating in forums and fairs around the world, to discuss the latest news, essentials tools, and challenges related to this practice.

MOJO forums

If you too are interested in learning more about this field, in this article we recommend you some of the best online and live forums about mobile journalism:

Forums on MOJO

The MojoFest is the Mobile Journalism Congress with the best worldwide reputation. It is organized by the Public Broadcasting Corporation of the Republic of Ireland (RTÉ) in Galway, a university town which for a few days gets filled with mobile journalists, brands, app developers and other experts, where networking is possible even when the day’s activities are done.

Another very interesting event is the Vidéo Mobile, which is held in Paris and where professionals from media and cinema participate in talks about video mobile practices.

There are also plenty of festivals on films and documentaries recorded with smartphones.

Some of the best-known ones are the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival (which receives more than 600 movies recorded with smartphones by professionals and amateurs), the SF3 Smartphone Flick Fest (which chooses the 10 best films to be played during the festival in Sydney), or the Mobile Motion Film Festiva (which is held in Zurich and also supports movies recorded with tablet or GoPro).

Online forums for mobile journalism

On the Internet, you will also find many forums on MOJO. These are 4 really interesting Facebook groups:

iPhone Reporter. If you want to record your videos with an iPhone, in this group you will get great tips.

Mobile Journalism in Asia. Although it is focused on mobile journalists who are in Asia, discussions tend to be in English and on many topics.

Mojo Latam. Tips, latest news and advice on mobile journalism in Spanish.

Mobile Storytelling Educators. Focused on teachers who teach MOJO to their students.

There are also online festivals of films and documentaries recorded with smartphones, such as the Mobile Film Festival, which brings together one-minute stories made with mobile phones.

In addition to these forums and festivals, there are some Twitter profiles that you just have to follow, where you will find valuable information about this field.




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