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News! We present a new update that includes important functional and aesthetic improvements. From the creation of up to three new types of Live Broadcast, a reformed layer system in the Mixer, or the possibility of visualizing live statistics, Watchity improves for you.

Keep reading to know all the details.

New types of Live Broadcast!

Now, when you create a new Live Broadcast, you will have up to four options: Streamer, Production, Restream and Transcoder. Each of these types of Live Broadcast will allow you to make a different transmission depending on your needs.

Learn how to get the most out of the production and distribution tools of each type of Live Broadcast: Controller (Streamer), Mixer (Production), Monitor (Restream) and Monitor (Transcoder).

How do I know which type of Live Broadcast is best suited to my use case? What is the purpose of each type? Access this article to learn more.

More layers in the Mixer! A new system of layers to improve the production in your Live Broadcasts of the type Production.

Taking into account your opinions, we have modified the layer system of the Mixer (the tool to operate the Live Broadcasts Production type). Based on the operation of professional television production systems, we have perfected the layer system to make your productions even better. More layers and more decision power.

Now you can decide in which layer you want to lodge your elements, either contributions or multimedia elements. You will always have a layer reserved for the elements in full screen (layer 0) and up to three higher layers (layer 1, 2 and 3) in which to overlay the elements you need.

Still not clear? In this article, you will find more information about the new layer system.

New transitions between elements when operating the Mixer in your Live Broadcasts of the type Production.

Your opinion is very important to us. We have collected your feedback on the transitions between elements, whether they are contributions or multimedia elements when mixing in the Mixer and we have news!

As of this features update, the transitions in the Mixer have changed. Keep them in mind to get the most out of your productions. Check them below:

Find everything you need to know about transitions here.

How many people are watching it? Get statistics and data of the viewers in your Live Broadcasts of the type Production.

Access the Control Room, from the Mixer of your Live Broadcasts of the type Production, to obtain live data of the number of viewers in the Player. Obtain, in addition, a downloadable file with data and information about the connected users (session time, information provided, etc.).

Do you need to monitor what is coming out of the Mixer? Visualize the resulting program of your Live Broadcasts of the type Production in a new browser window.

Click on the new monitor icon, which you will find in the Mixer section of the Live Broadcast configuration, to open the program signal produced in a new browser window. In this way, you can pass the link to another user to visualize what is happening in the program.

Add title and body text to your posts on Facebook and YouTube (API), without leaving Watchity.

When you add ‘Connections to Social Networks’ for Facebook and YouTube, through API, you can write the title and body of the publication without leaving Watchity. What you write in the configuration of your Live Broadcast will be what the audience will see in the destination publication points.

Do you need more than one admin? Available the configuration of up to two administrators for the same workspace.

Upon request to our support team -write us here-, we can configure up to 2 administrators within the same workspace. As simple as that, tell us the account and we’ll change the role.

Next updates…

  • Cut&Share release! A new tool comes to Watchity. Cut out clips of something that just happened and share it while live broadcasting.
  • Content editor within the Mixer. You will be able, among others, to resize the elements without leaving the Mixer, or to create and store custom positions.
  • Monitoring of the Stream Health. Get more information than ever on the parameters of the different input streams.
  • Tally in the Watchity App. You will be able to know if the contribution of the Smartphone that you are holding is being selected in the program view.




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