Actualización de producto Junio 2021
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Product update June 2021

Novelties! We present our most important product update to date

This June comes what is probably our most important product update. At the beginning of the year, we focused on improving the experience of your viewers, remodeling the functionalities and capabilities of our video player. Now, the focus has been on improving the possibilities of video personalization and content broadcasting and management capabilities. Só, today we show you our product update of this June 2021.

What’s new?

With this update, you will be able to enjoy the Speaking Room, a new exclusive environment for speakers and panelists, a reformed Media Library with new content management and sharing, and the long-awaited arrival of LinkedIn Live. In addition, we have introduced important improvements in the nomenclature and interface of all our screens to make your experience even better. Keep reading for more details!

product update
The Speaking Room, the new exclusive environment for speakers.

1. The Speaking Room, an exclusive videoconferencing environment for speakers

After months of hard work, collecting your requests, and feedback, we are very happy to present the Speaking Room. You can finally capture webcams and screen shares on Watchity!

This new environment is designed to take advantage of the practicality of video conferencing tools, to which we have become so used in recent months, but without losing the full potential of Watchity’s video customization tools.

¿What exactly is the Speaking Room about?
  • Each event that you create in Watchity will have a Speaking Room associated with it, with a unique link that you can easily share with your speakers and panelists.
  • Each Speaking Room also includes a program view for your speakers. Give them the possibility to follow the streaming of the event and do not keep them in an isolated environment completely blind.
  • Use it to receive separately each webcam and screen share of all your speakers. Fed up with the predefined grids of Zoom, Teams et al? At Watchity, you decide the size and location of each speaker. Treat each camera separately!
  • Finally, combine the cameras in the Speaking Room with labels, graphics, videos and all the media resources you can imagine. The customization capacity of Watchity is still intact! We know that taking care of your brand image is the most important thing.

Visit our help center for more information.

product update june 2021Stream content on LinkedIn using Watchity.

2. Global partnership agreement with LinkedIn Live

Watchity ratifies a global partnership agreement with the professional social network LinkedIn. Despite being a functionality still beta in Spain, which requires approval, more and more users with the capacity to broadcast live video on the largest professional network in the world.

That is why we have wanted to advance to the events and we bring you this new possibility of connection with LinkedIn Live. In this way, we join the small group of platforms with the ability to broadcast on LinkedIn and we become the first Spanish company to do so.

If you still do not have your profile or page authorized to use LinkedIn Live, visit this article where we explain the necessary steps to achieve it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is content-reuse-1024x669.pngMore types of files, actions and functionalities for the Media Library.

3. The Media Library grows! Collections, tags and other new actions

One of our most important components, the Media Library, triples its functionalities with this new update. From now on, you will have much more control over your stored content.

¿What are the new actions and features of the Media Library?
  • One of your historical requests was to be able to order content in a personalized way. We present you a new tagging system! From now on, you can group your files into custom collections.
  • If you need it, another novelty is the possibility of uploading audio files. Find them in the audios folder or create your own collections by mixing video, image, and audio files.
  • Find everything easier! Use the new search and sort system that we bring with this new update to locate all your content more quickly.
  • Finally, we have improved the ability to edit files: modify the title, choose a custom thumbnail, define an author, etc. You can perform up to ten new actions on your media files. Explore them all!

Visit our help center for more information.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is event-planning-1024x670.pngCambios en la interfaz y nueva nomenclatura para una mejor experiencia.

4. Changes in the interface and new nomenclature for a better user experience

Last but not least, we present a series of improvements to the interface and nomenclature. Changes in the screens and more understandable texts to better adapt Watchity to all your use cases.

What texts and interfaces vary?
  • Without a doubt, the most important of this series of changes is the substitution of Live Broadcasts for Events. Sounds better, right? After a long time collecting your opinions, we believe that there is no better word to refer to. Welcome Events to Watchity!
  • How about we remove the technical language? Many of you also asked us to use simpler words. Wish fulfilled! You will see that we are now talking about cameras, recordings, social networks, and much clearer concepts. Are you able to find all the differences?
  • Finally, you will find that we have reorganized some steps to make the player creation much easier. Add forms, configure fields or activate call-to-action buttons at the end of broadcasts in a much easier way.

You have doubts? You want to know more?

If you still do not know the platform, request a demo and speak with our commercial team, or if you are already part of the family, contact your trusted Watchity agent.

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