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¡Good news! On the past weeks, we have been focusing our efforts adding new functionalities to Watchity in our aim to be an integral production and video editing platform.

So far, we have been focused on live video production. What if we tell you that you could edit video without leaving the platform? What if the Watchity App, besides live streaming, could also record and upload content? Keep reading this article to know all the details.

Cut&Share: edit and share video from your workspace

After months of hard work, we present to you the Cut&Share, our new functionality that will allow you to edit and share video without leaving your workspace in Watchity.


A new tool to cut clips from stored videos or live video streams. Then, you can easily share them on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) or save them into your Media Library to use them later.

Want to know how could you access the Cut&Share? What types of creations could you do? How to use it? Read this post and learn to get the most out of it.

Ingest: record and import video from your device and upload it to the Media Library

Record video with the app and upload it! With this new feature, along with broadcasting in your Live Broadcasts, you can also use your phone to record content and ingest it in your Media Library. If you prefer, you can also import files that you already have stored on your phone.

‘Ingest’ feature

Besides, you can customize the recording parameters of image and sound capture, to obtain video files that you can then use in your Live Broadcasts.

Update the app now and start enjoying this new functionality. Find it for Android on Google Play or for iOS on the AppStore. Do you need more information? Do you want to know how it works in depth? In this blog article, you will find more information about the Ingest functionality.

Next updates…

  • Devices: the tab that will allow you to save your contributions and recurring exits with permanent RTMP code.
  • Content editor within the Mixer. You will be able, among others, to resize the elements without leaving the Mixer, or to create and store custom positions.
  • Monitoring of the Stream Health. Get more information than ever on the parameters of the different input streams.
  • Tally in the Watchity App. You will be able to know if the contribution of the Smartphone that you are holding is being selected in the program view.




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