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Live streaming is one of the most used formats in the digital environment.

live broadcasts

This technology is available to any company or organization that wants to broadcast an event, but without access to expensive professional equipment or large budgets. To perform a quality live streaming, you only need:


The smartphones has become an indispensable object in our day-to-day life; in addition to offering the features that we all know, they are a great tool for the creation of audio-visual content.

There are different kind of smartphones, each one with different prices, quality, and benefits. Choosing the right one will depend on the type of live streaming that you want to offer and the hours of retransmission.

Microphones and lenses:

These accessories are not always necessary, but depending on the location of the retransmission, they will help you to capture sound and image with higher quality. There is a wide variety of lenses and microphones on the market and many of these can be obtained at an affordable price.

Tripod or monopod:

One of the most important and yet simple accessories that you will need to create live streaming. These items are quite cheap and will allow you to get a stable image.

Streaming SaaS service:

Streaming SaaS services are perfect to simplify and reduce costs in the production of live video. This kind of service gets automatically updated and the same provider also offers technical support.

Watchity is a SaaS service, characterized by its easy implementation and by offering intuitive realization tools in the cloud, making it possible to capture multiple live video streams from different smartphones, to edit live and to simultaneously distribute your content on social networks.

External batteries:

The smartphone’s weakest feature is the short battery life, but this can easily be solved by purchasing external batteries. These are quite cheap. We recommend you choose one that suits the duration of your recordings.

How to get a professional broadcast at a low cost

Media companies should no longer bother with installing cables or big cameras to produce audio-visual content, when they can also use a smartphone and Watchity, to create quality video productions at low cost. With Watchity you can:

Customize the retransmission with your logo or banners:

Through a mixer, the platform allows you to insert or remove logos, banners, and video ads during a live broadcast.

Media library:

media library

In this image, you can see the media library on the left, where you can upload as many images and videos as you like, and then select the one you want to insert during retransmission.

Capture live video from different mobiles and cameras:

Watchity lets you capture different angles during a broadcast. Contributors only need 4G or Wi-Fi connection for their phones or professional cameras; videos will be synched and received in a multi-camera player.

Multichannel distribution:

Simultaneous distribution for the Internet and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube; these can also be managed independently.

Switch the cameras:

The moderator of the broadcast will receive the captured video streams in a multi-camera player, so he/she can mute a camera or switch between cameras, everything to offer an enriched viewing experience.

How much does it cost to stream an event?

To calculate how much you should invest in your streaming, the first thing that you do is define in detail the objectives that you want to reach with the broadcast, as well as your target audience.

Also, you have to define how many hours you want to live stream, how many shots you want to capture, how many logos or pre-recorded videos you want to insert in the retransmission, what kind of video quality you want to obtain and on which social networks you want to have a presence.

By answering these questions, you can choose the service and equipment that best suits your needs and budget.  At Watchity, we have developed a price system that answers all these questions; you can consult it here.




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