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Cloud services are becoming more and more popular nowadays, because they allow companies to have decentralized tools and help them grow their business in a scalable way.

In the case of video editing, taking your video production to the cloud, has many benefits. Nevertheless, it depends on your needs and objectives to determine if this service really suits your company. Start by asking yourself how much audiovisual content you want to create on which social media channels you want to share your it and whether you prefer, live or pre-recorded videos.

The more content you need to create, the more useful cloud service will be for your company.

cloud video editing

Pros and cons of editing video in the cloud

To make your decision easier, we have created a list with the pros and cons of having a cloud editing tool:


Storage and costs:

Compared to tools that you have to install on your computer and update manually, cloud editing services are more cost-effective. Also, these services allow you to store large video files and access them from anywhere, any time.

Intuitive tools:

The majority of cloud video editors are very intuitive, allowing everyone, even people without any technical knowledge, to understand and successfully use the platform.

Remote access and easy sharing:

As the videos are in the cloud, it is really easy for teams from all over the world to collaborate. Also, you won’t need to be at the office to cut, share or edit the content that you are receiving, so you can cover events, breaking news, or any situation that you want to record or live stream and edit it right there.


Limited features for true cloud-based editing:

These services offer a lot of options for editing your videos, but if you are planning to create a trailer or a movie, you will need lots of post-production, and a cloud editing tool may not be right for you.

Nonetheless, if you are planning to start an online tv channel, there are platforms like Watchity, that offer you a mixer with wich you can edit, cut, insert ads and pre-recorded videos, all to make a professional production.   

The importance of network speed:

The vital factor to enjoy a cloud service is having good internet speed. Without this, you won’t be able to use this kind of service at all. So, before paying for a cloud editing tool, be sure that you have a good internet provider.  

When is cloud video editing worth considering?

Cloud video editing tools are very useful in a multitude of industries, that want to create audiovisual content for their online channels.

From companies that are specialized in professional video production to companies that don’t have technical staff to create audiovisual content, they can all use this service to improve their productivity and increase the production of pre-recorded or live video.

In fact, if your company is not creating videos right now, it may be time to consider it. Internet users consume more and more online video and it is expected that by 2019 80% of the total internet traffic will be focused on video.

Some of the types of videos created by companies are: social media and web content, retransmissions of events, interviews, online tv channels, and more.

Use Watchity and start creating and sharing videos in an instant

Watchity, the new cloud-based live video production platform, is here to simplify the creation, editing, and distribution of live video.

cloud video editing

This platform allows you to produce multi-camera live video, using mobile phones or cameras, to edit the content that you are receiving on a cloud mixer and then have a multichannel distribution of the content on your social networks and websites.

To learn more about how Watchity can simplify your video production, contact one of our product experts here!






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