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Sponsors of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are up to date since the paradigm shift caused by the pandemic. And it is clear that this format is going to be maintained. Even if the situation changes, and we return completely to normal. Among other things, because it offers several benefits such as the ones we talked about in this other article. Today, we are going to focus on the sponsors of hybrid events, since they play a prominent role. Sponsors and exhibitors bring essential resources for the events to be successfully celebrated.

According to experiences and the feedback from the last 18 months, sponsors of hybrid events obtain an added value from their sponsorships, comparing to previous events of other formats. This is due to, largely, the fact that hybrid events reach more audiences. Consequently, sponsors increase exponentially their promotion. In addition, the virtual part of hybrid events allows us to easily evaluate the event, getting more precise analytic data.

Sponsors of hybrid events can implement three types of sponsorship: presential, virtual and hybrid. Because they have two types of audiences to project different sponsorships and can also share some hybrid sponsorships for both.

For sponsors of hybrid events to feel the reward of their contribution it is necessary that they perceive value. This way, long-term positive partnerships for both parties will be much more likely.

What can we do to make this happen? How can we give value to sponsors of hybrid events?

Among several actions, we highlight:

Organizing activities for sponsors and exhibitors

We must propose activities that promote interaction from these with the audience. This way, we will amplify the impact of the event. You can include games and giveaways with rewards since the audience is always receptive to this type of action. Besides, they give an informal/playful point to the event. This is appreciated to make a short break from the rest of the contents.

Giving visibility to sponsors and exhibitors

We must highlight them in our communications (landing page, mailings, etc.) regarding the event and even in the relevant section of our website. As well as add links or tag them in publications we make on social media before, during and after the event. For this, gain visibility is key, since it is one of their main goals in this strategy. The more visibility, the greater brand awareness, and, surely, the better ROI.

Choosing the most adequate streaming platform

It will be fundamental to choose right the streaming platform to broadcast the event. Apart from allowing us to offer a great quality image and transmission, we must go one step further. A platform like Watchity allows us to implement features that facilitate the interaction among the audience, exhibitors, and sponsors. Moreover, it allows obtaining analytic data from the event that can be shared with them and be crucial to make future decisions.

Follow the results of sponsors and exhibitors

The organizers of hybrid events must be implied in the results of these two figures. Knowing what the return of their investment has been or how much they have earned approximately through the event allows them to value the effectiveness. These results can be shared with all sponsors and exhibitors for them to value the ROI of the event. Organizers can also use it to sell sponsorships to other sponsors for future events.

And so far, some advice for the sponsors of hybrid events to achieve great performance of their investment. Do not forget that, if they reach it, the event, in general, will have more value and will have fulfilled the objective.
If you would like to get more information about hybrid events, do not hesitate to download “Watchity’s Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Hybrid Event“.

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