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Did you know that gaming revenues are one of the biggest ones in the entertainment industry? By 2018, its worth was over $138.5 billion USD, according to Bloomberg. And that’s not even the best part: gaming it’s not just only playing anymore. Today people watch other people gaming and it has become one of the most streamed sports events online.

According to the Videogame Yearbook of 2018 of the Spanish Association of Videogames (AEVI), Spain has the 9th biggest video game industry of the world, only surpassed by major leaders like Japan, Korea, China, and the USA.

Spain has more than 16 million players and games are the first option of audio-visual entertainment.  

Actual gaming isn’t the only thing that’s making revenues in the industry: watching other people play is also a big thing. Actually, it’s so big that online gaming on Twitch, a gaming streaming platform, has grown by 60% since 2017, with more than 3.2 billion users streaming their games. That’s a lot of User Generated Content.

The most popular of these games is Fortnite, a free download game that focus its business in-game purchases and premium downloads. It has controlled over 40% of the streams on Twitch in 2017 to 2018, beating the most popular games of those years (League of Legends and Dota 2).

Where do people watch online sports?

The popularity of Fortnite on Twitch and YouTube is bigger than cable TV. According to Variety, Netflix said that this game was a bigger competitor than HBO. Fortnite has also beaten the NFL on audience levels, and last year was more popular than the highest grossing movies in cinemas, like Wonder Woman or Jumanji, according to Forbes reports.

For Instance, fast food chain Wendy’s (which is pretty popular on social media for its sarcastic comments) grabbed headlines playing at the game, sharing comments and the transmission on social media. They got over 27k hours of reproduction with a 10-hour broadcast. The NFL, Samsung, and Marvel have also released DLC’s in the same game to promote new movies, phones or events.

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An effective strategy

Most of the brands who are into online activations are focusing their strategies on streaming, especially gaming, mostly because of the huge volume of its audience. They’re also working with influencers because they got their own channels and different kinds of followers. Ninja, one of the most popular streamers on YouTube and Twitch, earns over USD $500.000 on donations and sponsors, like RedBull, Hershey’s and Uber.

Also Epic, the company behind Fortnite’s success, is planning to make a Fortnite World Cup tournament this summer, and it’s reported that it’s asking for $25 million sponsors partnership.

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