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Mobile phones are an amazing device for the creation of content, allowing you to easily shoot, edit and post news. This practice is increasingly popular and known as “Mobile Journalism” aka “MoJo”.

The empowering of journalists to produce multimedia stories with their smartphones has created a market of apps and platforms focused on facilitating MoJo. Here are some of them:

Ranking of the best tools for Mobile Journalism

Canva offers templates to create graphics for blogs, websites, and social networks. It’s free and allows you to export images in different formats. This platform is perfect for creating images, highlighting relevant information about a story or for announcing the coverage of events, interviews, etc.

Call recorder is a key app for any journalist. Reporters can record any relevant call, like an interview or an important meeting, and share the audio later. Also, the integration with Google Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to be saved in or synchronized with the cloud.

Watchity is the new cloud-based live video production platform. This service simplifies the creation, production, and distribution of live video, reducing costs and helping to increase the productivity of any journalist.

This tool allows you to distribute live videos on websites, through apps, and via social networks simultaneously and to insert titles, promotional videos, and logos in the broadcast. With Watchity, journalists can create quality broadcasts with their phones or create audio-visual content for an online channel, at low cost.

Feedly is a news aggregator, to organize all your news, blog updates and web pages, and to have quick access to it all. This way, the journalist can easily confirm data or check other news sources.

Lightroom is a free application for capturing photos and making advanced edits (exposure, tone, contrast…). An excellent tool to improve the quality of the images you want to publish.

As you can see, with just 5 applications, mobile journalists can easily inform, cover and publish news, in record time and at low cost. And you? What other apps would you recommend for mobile journalists?





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