The power of email marketing for virtual events
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The power of email marketing for virtual events

It is not a novelty that virtual events are completely integrated into the operative of most of the business environments. They admit management possibilities, and if something is clear is that they all need a good promotion. At this point is where the power of email marketing for virtual events comes into play.

If you design and conduct a great email marketing strategy for your virtual events you will reach your audience. And you will do it in a productive and effective way, attracting your target audience and improving their loyalty. This ensures a good return on investment because it allows you to interact and maintain contact with your target.

How to correctly use email marketing for virtual events?

Email is a very powerful channel to promote events and being able to automate it optimizes time and dedication. It is necessary to correctly plan the whole strategy. Thus, you will get the most out of this promotion and communication channel. The fact that the impact can be analyzed and measured allows us to assess whether the results are in line with the expected. If we deviate from foresight, its flexibility allows us to edit and adjust it to achieve our goal or, at least, improve our effectiveness.

Here, we are going to share some advice so that the email marketing you implement for your virtual events is a success:

Capture your audience

The first step is to attract or capture the potential attendees of your event. To do it well, segmentation is key. The better you define how your target audience is and differentiate their characteristics and needs, the better you will focus to attract their interest. The information you send them through email marketing should be as customized as possible, arouse their curiosity, and generate the need to register for your event.

Segmentation is key to increasing the conversion. In addition, it is an action that will have a positive effect on your brand image or branding.

Take care of your email content

Apart from the message being as targeted and customized as possible, we should consider some details that will improve the communication. The email issue must arouse the interest of the receiver to capture their attention and promote the opening. To achieve it, you must find out a balance made up of relevant, concrete, and a bit original information.

You must take care of the email design, including some images or visual element that reinforces the information. The email content must include the value proposition of the event, explaining the benefits that can be obtained assisting. The tone in which we write must be coherent with our brand and the seriousness level of the event.

It usually works very well to include in the email some testimony of users or speakers who have participated in previous events. Seeing positive experiences reflected drives interest and participation of new users that are in process.

Another essential point is thinking strategically about the most adequate calls to action (CTAs). In the emails we must include a call to action in the form of a button or with the link itself. But that it is clear, that it is in the most suitable place and that it invites their interaction. This way, it will be much more probable that the user feels interested, follows the process, and the conversion is greater.

Plan the email marketing sequence

For our emails battery to be coherent and not excessive, we must plan right the sequence and the information. The initial part of the sequence will be focused on promotion (invitation email). Later, we will focus on the registration and creating expectations around the event (confirmation email). As the date gets closer, we will send three or four emails reminding the date and relevant details (reminder emails): three weeks before the event, one week before, the day before, and even a fourth email the same day some hours before. Last, once the event is over, we will use this channel to thank the attendance and share the content of value related to the event (thankful email). We can also take advantage to launch a survey or ask them what they thought of the event. This way, we will obtain feedback and we will be able to improve on future occasions.

We cannot forget the contacts of our database that have not registered to the event. Neither the interested ones captured by other routes that have not ended up attending. Let’s take advantage to send them an email with information about the event that can be of interest and an invitation for the next event.

Complement email marketing with other channels

The fact of giving email marketing the relevance it deserves does not mean we can forget the effectiveness of combining it with other channels.

Social media will help us to amplify the reach of the event communication. In our mailings, we also must include the link to social media for it to be easily shared.

It is also very helpful to use your blog to communicate the event. The article that explains the events must arouse the interest of the potential attendees and link it to a landing page that allows the registration. Creating a landing page with the registration form is essential to facilitate the inscription of the attendees. It allows us to share it in different communications and have control of our audience.

Launching a SEM campaign will allow us to promote the virtual event in a segmented way and capture more attendees. It is a good strategy to reach a wider target audience and increase our database.

Still, have some doubts about the power of email marketing for virtual events? With this advice sure you feel more prepared to implement an email marketing strategy for your virtual events. It is an effective option that allows us to easily manage the potential list of attendees. We can divide the list by profiles (attendees, speakers, and sponsors) and organize an email sequence in an automated way.

So far our article to help you boost email marketing in your virtual event promotion strategy.

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