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Audiovisual contents are not a distant theme for Twitter, the microblogging social network that has more than 35 million users worldwide.

Since 2015 they broadcast live videos with their app “Periscope”, besides retransmitting with the TV clipping service “SnappyTV”. However, this stage has come to an end: Twitter confirmed it will stop using their services.

SnappyTV alternatives

What’s SnappyTV?

This TV clipping service it’s an online video editor for live broadcasts, that lets you select, crop and trim a live broadcast and instantly share it on social media, particularly Twitter.

SnappyTV wasn’t a user-oriented tool, as it was primarily aimed at bigger companies, such a sports leagues, and media companies.

For instance, the NBA made a whole new marketing plan on Twitter thanks to their clipping services: they instantly shared the best moments, highlights and repetitions from the best moments on the game for their fans on social networks, in addition to advertising their own contents and getting more engagement from their followers.

Looking for SnappyTV alternatives?

But Twitter won’t let the video aside of their priorities, and it’s going to give more leadership to their own online video editor called Media Studio.

The best advantages of Watchity, is the possibility to immediately forward the videos to different and custom social media sites

This platform has been running in parallel for about a year and has a full business-centric approach to audiovisual contents and advertising. Besides, it includes their own monetizing systems and even a multimedia library.

Anyhow, SnappyTV isn’t the only way to broadcast videos on Twitter, as Media Studio allows external programs and encoders to send their videos, such as Watchity.

One of the best advantages of Watchity, over an exclusive Media Studio broadcast, is the possibility to immediately forward the videos to different and custom social media sites, covering the transmission in every way possible, sharing different personalized contents.

Also, you can receive UGC (User Generated Content) from users all over the world (or the event you’re broadcasting), and you can also communicate with your collaborators via intercom, just as any professional TV network would do.

In addition, Watchity offers the same Cut & Share service as SnappyTV, giving the possibility to transform any live broadcast into instant highlights and social media material for fans, creating a better engagement and potentially viral content.

Just as the NBA did, any sports federation, or even any media network that broadcasts live, could take advantage of this tool.

If you have a live video broadcast project, or you want to manage the videos on your social media sites, send us a message or request a free demo trial.




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