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Watchity and Hive Streaming collaborate to boost internal communications

Sometimes a good router connection is not enough to achieve maximum reach and quality in internal video communications. This is because such connections can put a heavy load on the network. That’s why Watchity and Hive Streaming have joined forces to collaborate to boost internal comunications and make these connections as efficient as possible.

Watchity offers the market a comprehensive platform for audiovisual content creation, multi-channel streaming, and audience engagement. With Watchity, any organization can create and manage its own interactive audiovisual platform.

For companies that want to stand out from the crowd in their content and events, Watchity provides a more professional approach in every way. It is closer to the audiovisual communication that we are used to from the media, and it allows for the creation of more impactful experiences for both internal and external audiences.

Watchity allows companies to create continuous programming of content and events for their audiences throughout the organization. They can use the most convenient channels (web, intranet, social networks) and the most appropriate formats for each need.

But what is Hive Streaming?

Hive Streaming is a platform that offers to drive change in the enterprise by maximizing the reach and quality of internal video communications.
Hive’s next-generation VX products are software-only and designed to empower businesses before, during, and after each internal live video event. All this while alleviating the load on the corporate network with bandwidth savings of up to 99%. Hive Streaming plays a critical role in the video experience and network infrastructure of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


Hive’s next-generation VX products are designed to empower businesses before, during, and after each internal live video stream. This allows stakeholders across the organization to:

– Perform network stress tests and the entire video infrastructure chain to ensure the correct functioning of events.
– Access advanced broadcast control features, such as modifying the bitrate of the stream in real time.
– Receive and act on disruption alerts during live video events.
– Obtain enhanced and actionable analytics tailored individually to the needs of the IT or Communications department.
– Gain unique insights into video performance, viewer experience, and engagement.
– Unlock advanced eCDN capabilities to address global weak network links with an elegant software-only solution that eliminates the need for edge caching at low-bandwidth sites.

Watchity users who want to enjoy all these benefits for their company simply need to contact us and request more information. The Watchity team will advise you and answer any questions about this collaboration.

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