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Watchity Product Updates – December 2023

The product updates from Watchity that we’re sharing this December encompass the new interaction tools. One of the major goals we’ve always had at Watchity is to maximize interaction and engagement between your audiovisual content and your audience.

In this line, we’ve developed three new interaction modules that will enhance the relationship and participation of viewers in your events. You’ll be able to understand your audience better, involve them in all aspects of your content, and create new synergies that enrich your brand image.


We’ve created a new version of the chat with enhanced features. You can activate the chat module in the interaction section within your event settings, define different parameters, and enjoy all the available options.

The experience of your viewers, participants, and even moderators will be exponentially improved thanks to the following updates:

  • Create private rooms among viewers, speakers, and moderators.
  • Respond to messages from other participants.
  • Delete messages.
  • Moderate message content before publication.
  • Highlight messages within the chat component.
  • Share files (PDFs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) with your audience.
  • Upvote messages for emphasis.
  • Define the privacy settings for all chat content.



The Watchity team has developed a new feature allowing the creation of polls for viewers. With this new module, you can generate new interactions to enhance your content. For instance, launch evaluation polls, schedule new sessions at the best times, conduct a small contest with the audience, gamify content, etc.

In the settings section, you’ll be able to define all the new possibilities such as:

  • Create polls with multiple responses.
  • Choose whether to display results or not.
  • If displaying results, specify when or add a countdown for responses.
  • Configure privacy settings.
  • You can also showcase polls during the broadcast, either to encourage easier participation or to display poll results so that no one misses them.


Finally, we’ve created a new interaction tool: Questions and Answers. Here, you can allow the audience to submit specific questions for participants or organizers. You can also pose open-ended questions to gather your audience’s opinions and adapt content accordingly or collect suggestions from viewers. The new tool includes these features:

  • Allow the audience to submit their questions.
  • Enable question moderation so they aren’t displayed to the entire audience automatically.
  • Permit the audience to answer questions.
  • Vote or highlight published questions and answers.
  • Define the privacy settings for questions and answers as: public, visible only to the moderator and speakers, or solely for the moderator’s view.

And that concludes the Watchity product updates for the end of 2023. To access these new features, it’s necessary to contact our support team, because a special configuration is currently required.

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