Watchity’s 4 Solutions
Online & Hybrid Events

Watchity’s 4 Solutions

In an increasingly hyperconnected online world, live streaming has come to stay. Watchity helps marketing, communication, and brand teams easily create amazing videos and great viewing experiences to drive their events. We offer comprehensive solutions for versatile use cases and here in this article we present you Watchity’s 4 solutions.

Watchity’s 4 solutions

Marketing and events

Increase brand awareness and manage the entire event lifecycle from registration to post-analysis. For example, you can create live videos for:

  • Product launches and sales demos.
  • Webinars and brand events.
  • Congresses and conferences.

Easily create brand experiences that are worthwhile for virtual events, webinars, and other live formats. Reach new audiences, capture leads, and maximize profitability. Get ideas to optimize your business.

Institutional Communication

Broadcast and share live corporate videos to multiple destinations to reach all your audiences and the press by broadcasting:

  • Press conferences.
  • Plenary sessions and parliamentary meetings.
  • Announcements and talks.

Easily stream press conferences, announcements, and plenary sessions to increase transparency and visibility. Customize your live video with your corporate image and reach all your audiences across multiple destinations.

Corporate Training

Create engaging live training formats for employees, clients, and external partners. Establish private environments to interact securely with your audience. Combine personal assistants with remote viewers.

Entertainment Monetization

Monetize live and prerecorded videos by reaching new audiences and gaining valuable insights for your business.

  • Sports competitions.
  • Performing arts.
  • Festivals and concerts.

Stream performing arts and concerts on protected websites and OTT services. Use our customizable player in integration with your ticketing platform to create a pleasant access and great viewing experiences.

If you are interested in creating great live video experiences, send us a message or request a free trial.

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