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New Ingest function in the Watchity App

As the month of May ends, a new function for the Watchity App arrives. What’s new? What is the purpose of the new Ingest function?

So far, the Watchity application allowed you to contribute to your ‘Streamer’ or ‘Production’ Live Broadcasts, right? It allowed you to convert your smartphone into a live video contribution source. Now we have just launched Ingest: record videos to the image quality you want and upload them to your Media Library. Update the app!

New! Ingest

Ingest is the new function of the Watchity App that we developed after hearing about your desires to record content without having to abandon the application. What if, besides, once the recording finishes, you could upload it directly to the Media Library? We present the Ingest function! Record content and upload it!

Do we help you with your first recording? Let’s go for it! First of all, after clicking on New recording, you have to adjust the recording parameters

You can vary the aspect ratio, the bit rate and the frame rate, according to your needs. In addition, you can choose how to capture the audio. Either from the internal microphone of your smartphone or from an external audio caption device.

You will see that the recording controls are the same ones that you are used to use in the Watchity App. Do you have any questions about the buttons? Take a look at this article from the support center.

At the end of the recording, you can upload the content to the Media Library. Select the workspace where you want to upload the video clip that you have just recorded and you will have it available at your Media Library.

Do you have any doubt? Is there something that has not been left clear? Find more help and contact our support staff by clicking on this link here.




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