About us

Organizations are increasingly focused on getting faithful and committed audiences to create a relationship with them that can last over time. For this, they launch audiovisual content strategies, especially, in live video, for its capacity to entertain and excite the public.

A few years ago this need was an exclusive matter of the media but, thanks to technological advances and the birth of digital channels, this has been extended to any type of organization. From sports clubs that want to permanently keep their followers informed about the current status of their teams, to brands that work with influencers and branded content and want to connect with their customers, they are all working from their marketing and communication departments to obtain engaged audiences.

In this battle for the loyalty of the audiences, there are 4 key aspects to success:

  • Produce the best quality and personalized video content to connect with the real interests of the audience.
  • Distribute that content in all the media channels where their audience is
  • Incorporate audiovisual content created by the users in their media channels to generate a more reliable and authentic image..
  • Empower organizations with low-cost tools that operate quickly and immediately, and allow high production of videos to satisfy the constant demand for content.

Watchity appears to help organizations like yours to create high-quality audiovisual content, with greater productivity and lower cost, and to encourage user participation, placing special focus on live video, at the same time, it also facilitates the distribution of those videos through media channels.

Our goal is to allow you to only focus on creating and sharing visual stories that connect with your audience and that you forget about all the technical complexities associated with video production.

For this, we have created a powerful video production platform in the cloud, for social media and digital channels that helps organizations to meet the constant demand of video content from their audiences.

Watchity simplifies the creation of live broadcasts with professional quality at a low cost using smartphones, indie cams and cloud producing tools, its simultaneous distribution in organization’s web, app and social networks, the editing and sharing of videos from the broadcasted content, and the capturing of user-generated videos to integrate them into the live production workflow.

Even though we have been in the market for a short time, we have already managed to get several organizations to successfully use our platform. Together, we are rapidly evolving to become the benchmark for agile video production.