El Correo Gallego

The Correo Gallego is transforming its traditional journalism model towards Mobile Journalism (Mojo), cutting its production costs and increasing the scope of its news.

The Correo Gallego is a Spanish-language daily newspaper published in Santiago de Compostela. It was founded in the city of Ferrol (Galicia) in 1878. It currently publishes rural and urban news in the region of Galicia (Spain).



  • To increase the news coverage area (urban areas, remote locations, etc.) without running up high production costs while also increasing the scope of the news to reach the greatest possible number of readers.


  • Configure a user-friendly environment for the Correo Gallego to stream high-quality video through a customised embedded player and the social media. The possibility of generating statistics about its broadcasts. Have the Watchity app available to use the mobile telephone as a source of ingesting video content using mobile data in areas with poor network coverage.


  • The Correo Gallego has now centralised the control of everything it broadcasts. This allows the newspaper to optimise transportation costs and attract new leaders by offering them all the contents on its social media and the actual web.


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