Festival de Málaga

In times of Covid-19, Festival de Málaga wanted to advocate and do its bit to support the survival of the cinema with a totally online 23rd edition, sharing live and VOD content with viewers and the press.

Festival de Málaga de Cine en Español is a film exhibition that has been screening the most important Spanish- and Latin-American-language premières every year since 1998. The awards to the year’s best films and documentaries are delivered, and honorary accolades are also made.



  • Broadcast the more social part of the Festival, which in view of the circumstances had to be cancelled. In addition, a virtual workspace had to be created so that the Media could offer the same coverage as in previous years.


  • Set up an easy-to-use environment to stream, edit and upload HQ video on a custom web player and Social Media. Create a Virtual Press Room to allow the Media to freely consume all the created contents.


  • With the HQ streaming solution, the room has an unlimited capacity now. Social events and acts (red-carpet parade, press conferences, etc.) can now be viewed all over the world. The contents are more accessible than ever before.


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