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Zoom vs. Watchity

Choosing a good streaming and video platform is essential to boost video in your company. With so many options in the market, how do you know which one to choose?

Next, we show a more in-depth comparison of Zoom vs Watchity so you can see all their differences in terms of features, benefits, and other aspects.

Video production

Watchity, the best alternative to Zoom

Compare features: Watchity vs. Zoom



Event management
Customized landing pages design
Registration management with customizable fields
Automatend custom email sending
Event room
Browser-based access
Embed code
Custom brand, white label
Video production
TV-Like production
Private guest room
RTMP inputs
Video playout
Background music
Scene control
Graphics and branding
Autonomous recording
Recording available in real time
Recording is available in the same event room
Clips generation from recording
Full HD, broadcast-grade quality
HLS adaptative streaming
Advanced controls (play/pause, DVR, start-late, visual seeking)
No audience limit (according to plan)
Simultaneous events in one single account
Interaction and participation
List of attendees connected
Chat with moderation
Private chat rooms
Call-to-action buttons (CTA)
Questions & answers (Q&A)
Question voting and popularity sorting
Active before, during and after the event
Multiple options for each question
Reporting and analytics
Attendees report generator
Advanced video analytics
Social media
Multistream in social networks
Live clipping
Full API access
Customer service
Dedicated support team for each customer
Phone support

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