Social media events and multistream

Professional event production and streaming on your social network accounts and profiles.

Advantages of Watchity over social media live video apps


Advanced production

Events created with Watchity look much more professional than social media native applications.


Multiple sites

You will be to able to effortlessly broadcast events on all the social media, accounts and profiles that you need with no effort whatsoever.


With your brand

You will be able to add graphic items to your broadcast (logotypes, signs, cover pages, etc.) to give it a more personalised look and feel.

Some outstanding Watchity features for social media events

  • Video production
  • Broadcast control
  • Multistream
  • Live clipping

Video production

Create professional content, combining cameras, graphics, pre-recorded videos and other visual elements.

  • Event room
  • Dynamic scenes
  • Graphics and branding
  • Automatic recording

Broadcast control

Besides your production with Watchity Create, you can also connect any production software or video codecs to Watchity using an RTMP protocol.

  • Input monitoring
  • Main/backup


Connect all your social media accounts and profiles and broadcast a single streaming signal. Monitor each site independently from the rest.

  • Credential storage
  • Integrations by means of API
  • Custom RTMP
  • Connection control

Live clipping

Quickly crop and generate new videos from live broadcasts. Download or share them on any social media.

  • Video player
  • Frame-level precision
  • Preview
  • Download in MP4

Discover how it works, step by step

Days leading up to the event

The organiser schedules the event and decides to which social media, accounts and profiles it will be broadcast.

They then plan the video production. If the event is a stage set or a physical venue, they can use one or several professional cameras. If people are going to attend remotely, they convene them by sending them the link to the guest room so that they can log on with their webcams.

Minutes before the event

The organiser connects the cameras, checks that the participants have logged on to the guest room and personalises a session with the wallpaper, logotype, style sign, scene mode, etc.

They can also hook up the video signal from their own production software.

When everything is ready, they bring the social media online and the broadcast starts.

During the event

The organiser produces the session, giving the participants the floor, changing shots, launching videos and graphic elements, etc. Watchity generates a broadcast with dynamics in formats adapted to the people and the content on screen at all times.

If necessary, the organiser can generate new clips from the broadcast signal and share them on the social media in order to achieve greater visibility and traffic towards the main broadcast.

After the event

The organiser consults the information on each social medium about how many people attended the event, for how long, from which countries, which devices and many other relevant data.

Success story

EuroLeague Basketball

How the EuroLeague Basketball broadcast extra content about the Final Four competition in 2021 on its social media.

Manage your audiovisual platform with Watchity

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