On-demand video

Record and publish video content for on-demand viewing by your audience.

Advantages of Watchity versus free or low-cost video platforms


On your own website

You can broadcast videos on your own website, with your brand image and a visual experience like that of Netflix or HBO.


Confidential and secure

You can add access controls to the content in order to protect confidential information.


Who watches the content?

You will be able to see which users of your video portal watch each video, for how long and how many times.

Some outstanding Watchity features for creating your video portal

  • Video creation
  • Hosting and playback
  • Access and reporting

Video creation

Capture your camera and share your screen to record videos as if you were producing live, adding graphics and other visual elements.

  • Webcam
  • Screen share
  • Scene composition
  • Graphics and branding
  • Automatic recording

Video hosting and playback

Host your videos in Watchity and offer your spectators a gratifying experience with high-quality video on a player personalised with your brand image.

  • Video hosting
  • Player embed
  • CDN

Access control and reporting

Protect your confidential content with security measures and access control and glean detailed information about video consumption.

  • Access control
  • Consumption report
  • Video analytics

Discover how it works, step by step

Create the video

The first step is to create the content. You can do this with your favourite video editor or you can record and edit it in real time with Watchity Create.

If you produce it with Watchity, you can connect your WebCam and share your screen to record a presentation or any other content. You can also connect to other users if you want to record, for example, an interview.

Finally, you can also add graphic elements (wallpapers, logotype, signs, etc.) to give it a more professional touch and personalise it with your brand image.

Upload it to the platform

If you do not record the video with Watchity, you can upload it to the platform from your PC and Watchity will automatically convert it into a suitable format in order to offer good viewing quality, irrespective of the device used by the spectator.

If you record the video with Watchity, you can omit this step, because the video will already have been saved to the platform.

Publish the video

Now that the video is ready to watch, it is time to make it visible to the spectators. To this end, Watchity provides you with the embed code, which you can use to publish the video on any website or application effortlessly.

If the content is private and confidential, you can add a security control to the video so that only authorised users can see it.

Thanks to the use of the adaptive multi bit rate HLS, your video will be perfectly viewable on any type of device and on any Internet bandwidth.

Check consumption

For open content (with no access control), the Watchity video analytics tool can display aggregate (non-personal) information about video consumption (number of views, mean viewing time, device used, country of origin, etc.).

For confidential content, whenever a user watches a video, information about the day and time it is accessed is recorded, as is consumption time, and these data are associated with each user, meaning that a by-user consumption report can be generated.

Manage your audiovisual platform with Watchity

Try a free version by yourself or arrange a demo so that we can present it to you in a personalised session adapted to your needs.