Streaming of events on your website

Stream events on your own website using a rugged, scalable and secure solution.

Advantages of Watchity's streaming of events solution over other streaming platforms



Watchity Stream can support audiences comprising thousands of simultaneous viewers located anywhere in the world.

on your own website

On your own website

You will be able to stream the events on your own website through the embedable player, obtaining all the viewing data.

with your own brand

With your brand

You will be able to add graphic items to your broadcast (logo, lower-thirds, cover pages, etc.) to give it a more personalised look and feel.

Outstanding Watchity's streaming of events features

  • Stream control
  • Distribution and viewing
  • Post-event analysis

Stream control

Connect any production software or video encoder to Watchity using the RTMP protocol. You can also use Watchity Create to produce the video signal.

  • Input monitoring
  • Main/backup
  • Graphics and branding
  • Live clipping


Stream control
Stream control

Distribution and viewing

Offer your viewers a gratifying experience with high-quality video for any type of device and total control over viewing.

  • Adaptative Multi Bit Rate HLS
  • Global distribution network
  • Automatic recording
  • Video player


Distribution and viewing
Distribution and viewing

Post-event analysis

Improve the way you promote and distribute events by means of added-value information about the consumption of the content.

  • Real-time video analytics
  • Post-event video analytics


Post-event analysis
Post-event analysis

Discover how Watchity's streaming of events solution works, step by step

Days leading up to the event

The organiser schedules the event, personalises the front page and publishes the player on the website using the embed code.

landing page

Minutes before the event

He connects the video input from their own production software, monitors it and when it is ready, he begins the broadcast.

Moreover, he can add graphic items over the stream being broadcast at any time, such as lower-thirds, logos, banners and any other visual element.

event customization

During the event

The viewers log on to the website to view the event on the Watchity player. By controlling the player, they can pause the broadcast, rewind or go back live.

If necessary, the organiser can generate new clips from the stream and share them on the social media to achieve greater visibility and traffic towards the event.


After the event

The organiser consults the information about how many people attended the event, for how long, from which countries, which devices and many other relevant data.

He retrieves the recording of the session and generates some clips with the integrated clipping tool, thereby leveraging the content for other objectives.

The viewers will be able to view the recording of the session by accessing the event room again.

post-event reporting
landing page
event customization
post-event reporting

Case study

generalitat de catalunya

Generalitat de Catalunya

How the Generalitat de Catalunya enhances the reach of its institutional communication by broadcasting its events in Full HD on the corporate website with Watchity’s streaming of events solution.

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