Webinars and interactive events

Promote your brand image and audience participation with professional content and interactive experiences.

Advantages of Watchity over other webinar and interactive event platforms


TV-like content

Events created with Watchity look much more professional than the ones created with a traditional webinar tool.


On your own website

You can stream the webinars and events on your own website with a visual experience on a par with Netflix or HBO.


With your own brand

Your audience will get a viewing and participation experience totally personalised with your brand image.

Outstanding Watchity features for webinars and interactive events

  • Promotion and registration
  • Video production
  • Viewing and interaction
  • Post-event analysis

Promotion and registration

Maximise attendance at your webinars and events by getting your viewers to sign up for the session and, above all, log onto it.

  • Landing pages
  • Registration management
  • Automated emails

Video production

Create professional content, combining cameras, graphics, pre-recorded videos and other visual elements.

  • Guest room
  • Dynamic scenes
  • Graphics and branding
  • Automatic recording

Viewing and interaction

Offer you viewers a gratifying experience with high-quality video, total control over viewing and the possibility to participate.

  • Event room
  • Chat
  • Questions and answers
  • Voting
  • Calls to action


Improve the way you promote, produce and manage your webinars and events with value-added information.

  • Attendee report
  • Video analytics

Discover how it works, step by step

Days leading up to the event

The organiser schedules the webinar and personalises the landing page, the registration form and the cadence of emails that will be sent automatically to the attendees.

He convenes speakers, panel members and other participants, sending them the link to the guest room.

In the end, he promotes the event to capture viewers and monitors registrations. The viewers will receive an email with a calendar appointment and the link to the event room.

Minutes before the event

The speakers and panel members log on to the guest room. The viewers access the event room and identify themselves with the registration email.

The organiser personalises the session with the background, logo, lower-third style, scene modes, etc., and when everything is ready starts the countdown and kicks off the session.

During the event

The organiser presents the session and gives the floor to the speakers and panel members, who will also be able to share their screen in order to display presentations and other content. Watchity generates a broadcast with dynamic scene formats adapted to the speakers and the content on screen at all times.

The organiser or any other user in their team moderates the chat conversation, checks the questions received from the viewers and launches polls to make the session as dynamic as possible.

After the event

The organiser consults the information about who attended, how many people interacted, how long they were online for, and a lot more information to improve the webinars.

He retrieves the recording of the session and generates some clips with the integrated clipping tool, thereby leveraging the content for other objectives.

The viewers will be able to view the recording of the session by accessing the event room again.

Success story

study case accio Generalitat de Catalunya


How ACCIÓ performs weekly webinars for citizens and companies.

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