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Live video for committed comms teams

Reach out to employees, partners, investors, customers and media companies with great live video that reinforces your company’s brand, mission and values.

Ways of using live video for corporate communication


Easily distribute public information to media and press companies.


Manage key messages from the CEO and executive team to all the employees.


Train employees about corporate policies and procedures.


Build authority positioning your brand as a leader in your industry.



Record live interviews with key members of your organization.


Inform your investors about results, goals and strategies.



Generate a constant flow of content for your commercial network.


Convey important information as soon as you can.


Reduce the distance for remote teams with a constant flow of information.

Achieve results in your corporate communication

solutions corporate comms achieve results

Increase effectiveness of communication

Transform text-based corporate messages that get lost in email inboxes into easy-to-understand live video.

Foster transparency from the top

Open your organization to the world and share ideas, projects and goals. Bring top executives and managers to your live events.

Avoid rumors and misinformation

Position your communication team as the first and most truthful source of company information across the organization.

Instill confidence

Let your CEO, executives and managers to address key messages directly to their audiences, without intermediaries.

Unite teams throughout the organization

solutions corporate comms unite teams

Increase corporate alignment

Help employees understand strategic goals and connect day-to-day work to the company vision.

Reduce the distance with the C-level

Create round tables, interviews and Q&A sessions with top managers of your company and let employees interact with them.

Connect remote employees

Manage regular communication sessions to help your growing remote workforce to stay up to date with the company’s news.

Ensure clear communication of company procedures

Create short training sessions about organization-wide regulatory updates, policy changes, safety rules and health information.

Maximize the reach of public relations

solutions corporate comms maximize reach

Build authority and leadership

Become the reference in your sector organizing live events and webinars with industry leaders and influencers.

Make the media spread the word

Create press conferences and give journalists an easy way to watch, interact and inform about you.

Strengthen ties with investors

Manage a constant flow of information for investors. Share news, quarterly results, alliances and everything they need to support you.

Attract new talent

Make your company a great destination for prospective employees. Create for them introductory live webinars and recruiting events.

Create more events with less effort

more evens less effort

Any team member can become a creator

A few clicks and your event is up and running, without integrations and complex connections. Anyone in your team will be able to use it.

Use the right format for your event

With one single platform you will create and manage webinars, virtual and hybrid events, or any other format you need.

Reduce costs in video production

Break free from the expensive external production services and create much more events than before.

Simplify your tool stack

Watchity’s covers all the steps in the event lifecycle so you will substitute several tools by one single and complete platform.

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