Customer Service

Live video for helpful customer service teams

Build deeper connections with consumers, increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and boost upsells with video-based customer service.

Ways of using live video for customer service


Reduce onboarding time and costs with live webinars for complex products.


Train your support teams and your dealer network to become product experts.


Deliver proactive live sessions with new feature demos and process walkthroughs.



Record live interviews and panel discussions to drive traffic to your website.


Create big events for customers that reinforce their commitment with your brand.



Be in contact with your customers and create more interaction.

Make customer service work for the business

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Introduce new products

Create live streaming sessions with product experts to introduce new products and services to your customers.

Reduce costs with self-service

Record webinars and training sessions and give users access to a centralized video repository to encourage self-service.

Enhance customer loyalty

Create a constant flow of informative live sessions solving any possible doubt your customers have.

Reduce churn rate

Show users how to accomplish their goals with your product. Make the difference for customers who abandon your product early.

Help B2C consumers get the most out of products

solutions customer service help b2c

Train consumers

Reduce the learning curve of consumers for complex-to-use products with training webinars .

Show behind-the-scenes content

Use social media to reach your consumers and show them how you create the products they love.

Engage your community

Cement your position with your community of users by answering questions, gathering feedback and acting accordingly.

Generate cross-selling opportunities

Use training webinars and social media events to launch discounts and special offers for complementary products.

Empower B2B customer success teams

solutions customer service help b2c

Streamline onboarding

Conduct step-by-step onboarding sessions for large user groups. Combine live training with recorded case studies and how-to videos.

Reduce support team stress

Create webinars solving the common topics and issues that your customers inform in your ticketing system.

Maximize renewals

Create live sessions for customers with near expiration date. Introduce new features and offer renewal discounts.

Increment upselling tickets

Organize webinars to present new services and features that can enhance the performance of the product.

Create more events with less effort

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Any team member can become a creator

A few clicks and your event is up and running, without integrations and complex connections. Anyone in your team will be able to use it.

Use the right format for your event

With one single platform you will create and manage webinars, virtual and hybrid events, or any other format you need.

Reduce costs in video production

Break free from the expensive external production services and create much more events than before.

Simplify your tool stack

Watchity’s covers all the steps in the event lifecycle so you will substitute several tools by one single and complete platform.

Case Study

Volkswagen Group España Distribución

How Volkswagen Group España Distribución manages dealer network online training.

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