Keep a constant control over the production and use the content as you wish

Get more participation by energizing and coordinating the participants

  • Post reminders on your social networks to encourage a greater participation.
  • Send automatic reminders to the users who signed up prior to participation.
  • Send direct messages to certain users to motivate them to contribute with content when is necessary.
  • Divide the users into groups to have a better control of their participation and the content received.
  • Keep a record of how many users have participated, how many minutes and videos they have created, and how many points they have accumulated.

Decide what content to show and how to show it

Our tools allow you to make the most of the captured content (live and on-demand).

  • The platform generates a continuous video feed, that you can publish as the main video on the player or on the social networks.
  • Select videos and show them through our player and multi-camera widgets on your own website.
  • Let our autonomous implementation system select the main camera for you.
  • Redirect videos, in real time, to an external broadcast production system (such as Watchity Media).
  • Integrate an external video feed produced in another system to combine them and enrich the production.
  • Block inappropriate videos with a single click and/or users who are recording inappropriate scenes.
  • Add a delay to the retransmission so you can moderate more comfortably and with greater security.
  • If you need more mobility, use the moderator (available in the Watchity App) in a tablet or mobile phone.

Improve the viewing experience through alternative feeds to the main broadcast

Using the multi-camera capability of the Watchity player (or your own player), you can select in the moderator some of the video feeds that you are receiving, to send them as additional alternative cameras to a main broadcast.

In this way, viewers can take control of the broadcast and choose which point of view they want to see, enjoying an innovative experience that combines professional content and amateur content.

Get your users to generate content for your brand

  • With the help of the audience, you can generate a new live broadcast in a matter of seconds to cover unexpected events.
  • Cover hundreds of alternative views and manage all the content received in a unified way.
  • Integrate the participants of an event in the creation of content, to encourage greater feeling of belonging.
  • Coordinate the retransmission in advance for a predetermined day and time or create it at the moment.
  • Create the retransmission just when the system warns you that you are receiving a video signal on a permanent channel.

Customize external broadcasts and adapt them to your social networks

Create a new broadcast from a video feed produced in an external system and enrich it in Watchity with graphics, picture-in-picture and other effects, and adapt the content to share it on your social networks to generate greater engagement.