Direct the audience to your own media, where you have control, and surprise them with an innovative viewing.

Integrate our widgets in your player to show the content created by the participants

  • Use any of the commercial HTML5 players in the market: JWPlayer, VideoJS, JPlayer, THEOPlayer, Kaltura, Brightcove, etc.
  • Integrate the widgets as an additional layer on your player, showing videos of the users that you control from the moderator.
  • When the user selects an alternative camera, he/she can view it in full screen, superimposed on the live broadcast.
  • Decide where the multi-camera control will be located (inside the player, outside, up, down, etc.) and its configuration (list, grid, etc.).
  • Choose the display format for the widgets: 2x2, 4x4, list on the right, list on the left, top list, bottom list, etc.
  • Customize the widgets with your brand.
  • With Amazon CloudFront we guarantee a fluent and uncut video distribution.

Insert our HTML5 player on your web or app

  • Use the embed player multi-camera HTML5 of the platform to show the live content generated by the participants
  • Insert the player on your web or app with the embed code and offer a multi-device viewing to your audience.
  • Adapt the configuration of the player to your needs: a single video stream, multi-camera arrangement or externally produced mainstream, etc.
  • Viewers can interact with the player to visualize on the main screen the video feed that they have selected.
  • Allow the viewers to go back in time to view the videos of the users from a certain point, with the integrated DVR function.
  • Give a second chance to your broadcasts allowing the viewing once it’s finished.

Show alternative views apart of the main broadcast

  • If you use our player in the configuration “single video feed”, you can control which video to show at each moment with the moderator.
  • If you use it in the configuration “only multi-camera feed”, the spectators will be able to visualize all the videos.
  • If you add a video feed produced from another system as the main camera, the player will enrich your broadcast by improving the viewing.
  • Empower your own player with our multi-camera widgets. Complement your broadcasts or insert new video shots in your web or app.

Customize our player as you wish

  • Add your branding to our player to show your identity.
  • Use watermarks to insert your brand directly into the live broadcast and the videos that you are producing
  • Customize the colors and icons of the interface of the player

Direct the audience to the minisite that we generate for you

  • If you don’t want to embed the player on your website or use your own player, you can direct the audience to the mini-site that Watchity generates for your live show.
  • Customize the minisite with your branding to show your identity.
  • Link the minisite with your website, app or post the link on your social networks.