Take the captured content where the audience expects to find it and generate engagement, interactions and new followers

Broadcast the captured videos in simulcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

  • Decide on which social networks you want to share your live broadcast.
  • Connect multiple accounts, profiles and Facebook live pages, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitter or Instagram with a single click.
  • When the broadcast starts, the platform will share it automatically on all the social networks. Thus, all the broadcasts will start at the same time.
  • Even when you are not receiving video from your cameras, our autonomous system of production will generate a continuous retransmission.

Manage your social networks as you wish

  • Adapt the broadcast to the audience of each social network by publishing alternative video feeds to the main one that you are broadcasting in your own medias.
  • Post before, during and after the event to generate interest in the audience and more views of the live.
  • Connect and disconnect the broadcast from the social networks several times to generate peaks of audience.
  • Broadcast throughout the event or just for a while to attract the audience to your own media to see the full broadcast.

Share the videos created on all your digital channels 

  • Share the videos that you've created in a single step on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Customize and adapt the message for each social network.
  • Publish the videos while you are broadcasting the event or afterward.
  • Tag people, brands and pages in publications to increase visualizations.

Protect your brand and content rights

  • Add watermarks with your branding to the live streams and the videos that you've created.
  • Share the videos in specific geographic locations based on the IP location of the users.
  • Plan the life of the content to not infringe the rights of use