Create authentic content to connect with your audience

Clients want fresh, immediate and authentic content. With Watchity Engage you can capture large amounts of live video created by your own clients or followers and share it on your digital media channels.

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Get your users to generate content for your brand

Clients are no longer passive content consumers, now they want to express their opinions and interact with their favorite brands.

With Watchity Engage you can capture live videos in a matter of seconds, create testimonial videos of your clients, launch a contest in your social networks and open a communication channel for your users where they can share their opinions and special requests, among others.

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Impulse your brand’s exposure with UGC videos

Brands need to increase the visualizations of their content to increase the demand for their products.

With Watchity Engage you can use the content created by the users to edit and share new videos on your website or social networks, and to generate more awareness of your products on your followers and potential customers.

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Complement the description of your products and improve the SEO and conversion rate of your web

Thanks to the user-generated video, you will improve the SEO of your website and complement the information that you offer about your products.

Además, al ser el contenido en vídeo más auténtico y confiable, podrás incrementar la confianza del cliente y mejorar el ratio de conversión.

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Generate engagement, interactions and new followers in your social networks

By publishing simultaneously the captured videos in multiple accounts and profiles of your social networks, you will amplify the scope of your original content and generate social interactions and new followers.

Adapt the content to the audience of each social network and control what to show to your viewers.

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