Create authentic content and connect with your audience

Watchity Engage allows you to capture large amounts of video created by the users to integrate them in real time into your live productions, or to complement your content strategy on your digital media channels.

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Integrate the participation of your spectators in your editorial processes

Viewers are no longer passive content consumers, now they want to express their opinions and interact with the media or with their favorite journalists.

With Watchity Engage you can capture live video created by the users in a matter of seconds, to discover their real points of view about politics, social or economics news or about any other newsworthy subject.

You can also connect with experts about any subject, elite athletes, politicians, and any other person that can complement your editorial content.

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Increase visualizations and generate more advertising impacts with UGC videos

Digital press and radio are always seeking new ways to increase the visualizations of its content to generate more advertising impacts and, therefore, more revenue, especially in the new digital channels.

With the editing tools in the cloud of Watchity Engage you can use all the content created by users to generate organic traffic from your social networks to your domains, and more advertising impressions.

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Surprise viewers with an innovative viewing experience

Through the interactive multi-camera player of Watchity Engage, you will show to your spectators different points of view of the same event, giving them the control to create their own experience.

The synchronization and storage mechanisms integrated in our platform allow you to monitor an event (in real time or once the event is over) from various perspectives.

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Generate engagement, interactions and new followers in your social networks

By publishing simultaneously the captured videos in multiple accounts and profiles of your social networks, you will amplify the scope of your editorial content and generate social interaction and new followers.

Adapt the content to the audience of each social network and control what to show to your viewers.

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