Create authentic content to connect with your audience

Watchity Engage allows you to capture live videos created by fans before, during and after competitions, and integrate them in real time into your live productions or complement the content of your digital channels.

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Integrate your fans in your video production

Fans are no longer passive content consumers, they want to express their opinions and interact with their favorite clubs, athletes or teams.

With Watchity Engage you can create live broadcast in a matter of seconds, to capture the point of view of the fans about professional competitions in which your teams participate.

Although, the content generated by the spectators can be used to retransmit non-professional competitions.

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Generate more visualizations and increase the popularity with UGC videos

The clubs and competitions need to increase the visualizations of their content to, in this way, generate more impact on their fans and thus increase engagement.

With our editing tools in the cloud you can use the content created by your fans and viewers to edit it and create new videos and publish them on your website or social networks to show more points of view of your events without extra costs.

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Capture user-generated content and publish it on your own digital channels

Through the embed player of Watchity Engage you will be able to show in your own web the videos that the users have created for you, helping you to get more visualizations.

Watchity Engage automatically gives you the copyrights of the content and allows you to offer to the creators a reward in exchange for their participation. Thus, the user will share the content with you before doing it in their own networks.

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Generate engagement, interactions and new followers in your social networks

By publishing the videos captured simultaneously in multiple accounts and profiles of your social networks, you will increase the popularity of your team's activity and generate new followers and social interactions.

Adapt the content to the audience of each social network and control what to show to your viewers.

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