Be more transparent and increase the citizen trust

Watchity Engage allows you to capture spontaneous and fresh live videos, created by citizens, to integrate it in real time in your live productions or to complement other contents of your digital channels.

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Open a communication channel from outside to inside (direct to the citizen)

Citizens are no longer passive content consumers. They want to express their opinions and interact with the public administration that represent their community.

Watchity Engage allows you to capture live video in seconds to capture the point of view of the citizens about local issues, to receive requests or to report incidents or relevant events.

In addition, you can open the content of this channel to the rest of the population to let flow the ideas and generate a community.

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Generate more content and boost the image of your city

The municipalities need to increase the visualizations of their content to, in this way, generate more impact on their citizens and thus increase the engagement.nt.

With Watchity Engage you can use the content created by the citizens, to edit and create new videos and publish them on your website or social networks, escalating the production of content without extra costs.

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Make better decisions thanks to the videos generated by the citizens

Thanks to the collaboration of the citizens, that participate capturing videos, you can be informed about what is happening in an unexpected event or in an emergency.

The Watchity Engage player will allow you to privately control all the videos received, at the same time that you use that information to make better decisions for the community.

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Generate engagement, interactions and new followers in your social networks

By publishing simultaneously the captured videos in multiple accounts and profiles of your social networks, you will amplify the scope of the activities in your city / town hall generating more interaction and followers.

Adapt the content to the audience of each social network and control what to show to your viewers.

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