Capture the best live images, individually or as a team, with:

  • Smartphones
  • Broadcast cameras
  • External streaming feeds
  • Any camera that can broadcast on the Internet

Acquire videos to create a multi-camera production assigning tasks and coordinating your team to get the best shots.

You can also keep a channel always open to receive video from your team at any time.



Produce broadcasts using a mobile phones, a tablet or a computer with a simple web browser:

  • Switch cameras and mix audio tracks.
  • Add layers with titles, graphics, images or "picture-in-picture".
  • Insert promotions and ads.
  • Customize the live broadcast with your brand.

At the same time, you can create videos to highlight the best moments of the broadcast or provide alternative points of view:

  • Create cuts of the live broadcast or of the raw sequences received.
  • Combine them with videos from the media library.
  • Add titles, graphics or transitions.
  • Adapt the format to each channel: landscape, square or vertical



Publish live broadcasts and videos on multiple channels simultaneously:

  • Broadcast the live on your website or app with the embed responsive player.
  • Distribute it simultaneously in several accounts and pages of Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Periscope / Twitter.
  • With a single click, share the videos that you have created on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.