Create a multitude of videos without investing in expensive equipment

With Watchity Media you can incorporate in your organization an efficient video production platform that use mobile phones and simple production tools in the cloud instead of traditional production systems.

Thanks to this, you will be able to create and distribute a constant feed of video content (multi-camera broadcasts, short broadcasts, or video clips) in all the digital channels that your want.

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Generate interest among your followers and attract customers

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are the perfect channels to publish content that connects with the followers of your brand to motivate them to buy your products.

With Watchity Media you can create live broadcasts and videos of presentations of new products, interviews to influencers or sponsored events and publish simultaneously all that content on your social networks.

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Improve the SEO and conversion rate of your web with videos of your products

Product videos are a very effective online sales tool, that helps customers to decide their purchase and improve the SEO and conversions rates of the web.

With Watchity Media, your marketing department will be able to create a large amount of video content, publish it on your website and distribute it on all your social networks.

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Generate engagement, interactions and new followers in your social networks

By publishing simultaneously videos and live broadcasts in all your social networks, you will be able to amplify their reach and generate social interactions and new followers.

Adapt the content to the audience of each social network and control what to show to the viewers.

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